Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”

Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”

Hi, I’m Michael Birch. In 2005, my wife and
I launched Bebo, the social networking site that sought to connect millions of people
from around the world. As the site grew, we knew we had created a
special place. A place to write deep, meaningful messages, take insightful, personality probing
quizzes, and share what are today, potentially career destroying photos. As competition with Facebook became fierce,
we introduced a new, exciting feature. We called it, the whiteboard, a creative canvas
for unlimited self expression, and Bebo, express yourself you did. Over the past 7 years, nearly 1 million of
these pictures have been drawn across the site, making it arguably the single biggest
repository of illustrated cock and balls ever recorded. I’m not going to take the moral high ground,
I can’t, I drew a couple myself. On July 1st we bought Bebo back, and I think
we can all agree, its time to wipe the slate clean. The new Bebo will be very different
from the old one. Will it work? Who knows. But one thing’s for
certain, it will be fun trying. Details of Bebo, old and new, can be found at How was that? Was that alright?

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  1. I used to love bebo!

  2. i love bebo i just started useing it recently.

  3. "How bisexual are you?"


  4. lol penis on the butt of the cup.

  5. This is the single greatest comeback video of all time.

  6. A frank admission of what Bebo had become, and I love this dude's honesty. I do hope they do well, before Facebook Bebo was huge around my school. I popularised it and drew many, many penises.

  7. lmao nothing is funnier than a well drawn cock and balls


  9. ARE YOU SERIOUS? This is a new and bold approach to things.

  10. met some of my best mates thanks to bebo! legendary website!

  11. Surely, as long as Bebo is simple, online and well known as a fun, established social networking service, it will thrive. As of right now, none of those things apply.

  12. I like'd bebo, and miss it!

  13. Epic! Welcome back Bebo!!

  14. Best comeback video EVER

  15. LMFAO! Just thought i might see what's on my old profile and i'm like WTF XD

  16. I just drew a dick and balls for you 😉

  17. Haha love the cock and balls on the bottom of his mug.


  19. when is it gonna be up?

  20. i see potential "growth"

  21. Guy sold it to AOL for $850 million and buys it back for $1 million. This guy should be running countries!!!!

  22. haha, that video makes me miss the old bebo!

  23. I seriously loved Bebo back in the day!

  24. Bebo has always been my favorite social networking site. Only stopped using it because nobody went on it anymore. But i'm looking forward to it making a comeback and seeing what the new bebo will have to offer, hopefully everyone will go back to bebo because facebook is boring!


  26. Omfg haha this is brilliant!

  27. For those looking for a place to roleplay, now that bebo is down. Check out Roleplay Social dot me

  28. AHHAHAHAH love it!

  29. Actually so excited for BEBO to come back, used to so cool

  30. This guy is so fucking brilliant.

  31. omgggg….x.x.x.x.x..xx :L this is AMAZE. :L

  32. you are the man sir

  33. The dick on the bottom of the cup, genius.

  34. haha the drawing on the bottom of his cup

  35. I love companies who can poke fun at themselves! Great ad.

  36. I love it when these big companies have a sense of humour 😀

  37. Lol the cock on the bottom of his cup at the end

  38. Honestly, I would not be surprised if this saves Bebo.

  39. May I suggest a slogan? You are signing up into the most phallic social website…in the world. This is Bebo 2.0

  40. 1:15 Cup and Balls. Look closely.

  41. Who saw his cock on the bottom of his cup?

  42. I'd join this social network

  43. a sense of humor, wonderfully refreshing!

  44. He should have said "will this work? I have $849 million, who gives a fuck".

  45. aaaaaah memories from 2007 :'( never forget

  46. he was smart he knew bebo would die out like myspace, so he sold it when it was still big and one of the top social network sites. Then he buys it back cheaper because its not big anymore and not many people (compared to facebook) are active users on it.

  47. This is legit, he sold bebo for $850m and bought it back for $1m. He has my respect as a entrepreneur.

  48. Good luck, I will certainly join back. I hope my account is still accessible because I have a lot of memories on there.

  49. A straightforward person without hiding anything even drawing penis. Normally other company CEO would be like acting smart just to get people to try their stuff.

  50. This guy is hilarious and awesome for his skills. Hope bebo is awesome

  51. haha I remember the good old bebo days…

  52. cant wait to see the new bebo


  54. i miss decorating the page on bebo.. when bored… on facebook your just scrolling through newsfeeed looking at peoples borings updates.. where as bebo you could draw on walls.. take peoples quizzes and blahh…and miss sending the love ohh and when you clicked on peoples profile music played.

  55. He sure has some balls

  56. This guy is so awesome.

  57. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  58. I am so exited that bebo is coming back it was my first social network I had to lie about my age at the time because i was only eleven in 2005 :b I look forward to joining the new bebo soon :D.

  59. So, its come to this.

    Also this video is hilarious x'D

  60. makes me want to use bebo just cause of how cool this guy is man. proper sound not trying to be up himself or anything

  61. One of the best adverts I've ever seen aha. Either way, we all know it's going to be better than google plus.

  62. This is absolutely fucking hilarious. I'm a little annoyed I can't access my old photos, but hey.

  63. Aw damn I laughed so hard XD

  64. Hit or miss (: , I hope this is going to be good

  65. Only reason I want a new Bebo is because Facebook is just terrible and I want change 

  66. AAAHHH1 fucking brillioant!!!

  67. Hahaha, if only all CEO's were like this. I'm pretty sure they all draw penises when they get bored and have potentially career-destroying photos.
    I remember when I used to love Bebo. It was so fun making skins. If only Facebook had that feature.

  68. the best site ever hope it comes back better then ever facebook will be easy to beat just make some customization 

  69. Any update as to when it might be coming?? Can't wait!

  70. Initially, I laughed at what I thought was an attempt by a utterly dead site best consigned to nostalgia, after watching this video I'm intrigued & will definitely give it a chance!

  71. This is quite possibly the funniest ad campaign I've ever seen. Holy shit, 10/10 

  72. LOL i remember using this site when i was still in elementary school XD  sure brings back memories :p

  73. Best fricking website founder, ever. "Email address you actually use" LOL. Legendary.

  74. I dont know if i'm not the only one, but facebook is dying, well to me that is.

  75. best launch video ever! 

  76. I'd probably sign up again-depends on what changes are made

  77. I use to have a Bebo account. I gotta say I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the freedom in terms of creating your own page, quiz's, facts about you and more. I hope the new Bebo will get me on the fence again as I had some of the most life changing experiences on Bebo. You can say in a sense it actually helped my life journey. I escalated my relationship with my then GF now wife thanks to Bebo mail lol… Good times.

  78. can you just hurry up and come back on so i can get my photo's back!! man how long does it take u to come back on >:(


  80. I used to use bebo when I was in school 😮 thats many years ago. I didn't even know the site died.
    I haven't heard much about myspace but I can be 100% sure that's gone long time. Never used it anyways.
    Was never a big fan of social networking sites and still not a big fan. 

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