Battle-Tanks, Urban Warfare, & Missiles [Foundation of War] – Foxhole (Update 0.20)

Battle-Tanks, Urban Warfare, & Missiles [Foundation of War] – Foxhole (Update 0.20)

troopers commander I saw a bear here I’ve got a fresh batch of new Intel be sure to review this information before we go on the next operation this is update 0.24 foxhole dubbed the foundation of war first change you’ll notice is the new dynamic camera system when you’re aiming further away from you the camera will zoom out giving you a wider field of view and helps keep you from getting tunnel vision when you’re aiming down sights next up be sure to study your Maps as we’ve seen many changes over the geography and layout of the towns in this region there’s been a complete design and visual overhaul of the entire world the three major urban areas on this continent are the Jade Cove abandoned Ward and salt Brook channel these will be hotly contested over to make sure you prepare for urban warfare when you give into these regions alongside that we have new garrison building types there’s plenty of house variations out there but you can also take over coal plants windmills train stations and more when war breaks out and it will garrison buildings will start has built structures that are neutral in order to claim garrison buildings and build them up we need to first claim the Town Hall in addition to researching in the technology for garrison two buildings you’ll also notice on garrison structures the flags indicating that this belongs to ordens or Colonials are located at the windowsills they can be tough to see at certain angles so be sure to double-check once constructed garrison building AI windows can be mounted manually by standing in the area below them marked with an X on the interior of the structure once a garrison house is destroyed the building will now leave behind a husk that can be used for high ground and general cover there’s an additional type of garrison the mortar and placement house is a house that has a fixed mortar on the top of it this roof-mounted mortar is ideal for Defense’s of cities but if taken over it can also act as a decent support weapon for ongoing assaults into urban areas this house mounted mortar uses the regular mortar shells if you’re keen on adding to the urban architecture try using the new sandbag walls these can be upgraded from regular sandbag barriers these sandbag walls are taller than a soldier but a little trick if you place a sandbag barrier behind the sandbag wall you can actually use it as a parapet and shoot overtop perfect for holding the road from enemy infantry however there’s enemy vehicles probably not want to stand right behind it lastly in regards to urban settings we now have access to a structure known as the safe house these safe houses are few in number but ever so important there are special garrisoned houses in town that act as support bases in case of a siege these safe houses offer three different types of facilities an operating post which provides a spawn point and a base connection for AI structures a radio station which provides map intelligence in the surrounding areas and an artillery shelter meaning that the structure once upgraded with an artillery shelter can only be destroyed from the inside forcing your enemies into the city rather than sitting outside and shelling until there’s nothing left [Music] the engineers have given us the green light to utilize our newest vehicle battle tank the battle tank is the heaviest farmer class in the game it has a crew of five can take a beating and can definitely lay on a beating of its own the crew members are the driver the machine gunner the turret gunner the engineer and the commander the drivers job is pretty straightforward they will steer the tank and drive it backwards and forwards the machine gunner operates the forward-facing machine gun in the tank great for taking out infantry but it won’t be able to attack anything to the tanks sides or rear the turret gunner the turret gunner points the main gun in whatever direction they need to and they can fire loaded rounds however it is not the main Gunners job to reload rounds that falls to the engineer the engineer is responsible for both repairing the tank from the inside reloading the tank once it fires and switching ammo types should the commander feel the need to more on this later and lastly the commander the commander sits at the top of the tank he can take cover inside of the tank or leave himself exposed for better visibility generally it is the tank commanders job to unify the crew and make them fight as a cohesive machine now I did mention ammo types of the tanks in fact both tanks will have access to these ammo types just make sure you’re producing the right size shell for the right tank these new ammunition types can be produced at the advanced ammunition Factory it is a unique building that specializes in producing situation-specific ammunition for tanks these new ammunition types are the standard 40 or 75 millimeter shells these are the ones we’ve been using previously the 40 or 75 millimeter shrapnel shells anti-personnel shells that shatter into large number of deadly projectiles think of it as a tank shotgun if you will the 40 or 75 millimeter armor-piercing rounds which are designed to penetrate heavy armor and the 40 or 75 millimeter high-explosive shells these anti structure shells detonate in a high-yield explosive charge on impact perfect for taking out structures and other defenses the advanced ammunition factory can also produce one other item have have we been cleared to announce this all right troopers one final announcement this could be the key to ending this entire war listening that’s correct our scientists at the research and development departments have given us the tool to possibly end this war the ballistic rocket the ballistic rocket is made up of various technologies and many components so let’s start from the basics in order to construct a ballistic rocket we must first secure launch sites appropriate launch sites across the regions once these launch sites are secured then we need to gather some materials from the advanced a munitions factory will need a warhead and from a standard factory we’re going to need rocket boosters we’re also going to need an additional five upgrade parts at the launch site and some fuel to boot once we have all of these items secured at the launch site to launch a rocket within the region that you are currently in you’ll need 720 refined fuel in order to launch it or double that for inter-regional launching so 1,440 refined fuel to launch two adjacent regions fueling will also take quite a long time the time it takes to fuel a rocket to launch within its own region is 12 hours and to launch to other regions is 24 hours it’s important to note that the Rockets also have a life time roughly three days if the rocket stays up for longer than three days it will be dismantled we can’t let this technology fall into enemy hands so it’s best to use it at once after all these different elements are completed there’s still a long procedure in order to actually fire the rocket rockets can only be targeted at towns or areas of importance they cannot be launched into the ocean they cannot be launched onto blank ground we’ll need one soldier to move up ahead and scout out a location for impact they’ll need a radio backpack binoculars will help but they’re not necessary once the soldier gets into position they must crouch and press the H key after 10 seconds they will start transmitting coordinates for the ballistic rocket this soldier must end stay in his position for approximately 10 minutes so that the coordinates are as accurate as possible if this soldier stops sending coordinates or as otherwise killed then the launch sequence will be aborted once this time-consuming process is complete we’ll need three other officers at the launch site to confirm the coordinate code once the coordinate code has been confirmed the rocket will start its ignition sequence which takes roughly 10 minutes now it’s hard to keep an entire rocket hidden from the enemy once the launch sequence starts alarm systems and sirens in a town that is designated to be hit by a rocket will start to go off giving people minutes to evacuate if they are within the radius once the rocket hits its intended target our scientists estimate that a radius of 80 meters will be obliterated by the rocket Town Hall’s fortifications vehicles people whatever’s in that radius will be destroyed in fact the destruction is so complete we might even have to change our objectives around and avoid areas entirely depending on what exactly gets hit once the launch site fires its rocket it will then no longer be usable so choose your targets carefully another few changes include forts no longer contained garrison supplies field artillery damage mitigation against small explosives is increased by 13% to make it more consistent with our lightly armoured vehicles such as half-tracks and armored cars the radio backpack cost has increased from 110 to 150 to reflect its new functionality additionally for the radio backpack it will now automatically spot targets around the soldier carrying it much like the light utility vehicle light tanks no longer have a critical spot although locational damage such as hitting a tank at the side and the rear will steal the additional damage additional forts have been spotted along the main conquest regions along the vertical borders mortar shells no longer require technology to unlock gun turret health has been increased by 100 percent gun turret armor now has high mitigation against all damage types including armor-piercing and high-explosive sticky bomb damage has been increased by 25% and the sticky bomb now deals anti-tank damage so half-tracks light tanks armored cars and battle tanks well now no longer have armored mitigation versus sticky bombs garrison house tech parts has decreased from 1,000 to 600 tank trap tech parts has increased from 150 to 450 tank traps garrison houses metal walls and binoculars have all been rearranged in the tech tree and lastly anti-tank mines have been removed altogether some minor changes include visuals for indicating the state of an AI controlled structure have changed when all regions are queued low population contested regions will be highlighted and war API has added new api’s for casualties and total enlistments there were some bug fixes along with update but I’ll save that for the patch notes down below if you liked this update like and subscribe stay up to date on all the latest Fox will updates and as always good luck keep your heads down and stay in your foxholes bear you [Music]

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  1. I remember when this game was just one bridge battle. This brings a tear to my eye seeing how far this beautiful game has come

  2. I hope they make it so in the missile impact zones you have to wear a gas mask or take damage over time. Happy Krieg Noises

  3. YAAAY! I've been waiting for the heavy tanks since the light tank came out 🙂 (The rocket is also pretty dope :D)


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  5. Bear do you have your own unit in game and if so can i join ?

  6. nice explained this new update Thanks

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  8. v1's IM COMING BACK

  9. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh im fucking cumming!

  10. MW2 Flashback “Missile in the air Missile in the air Code Black Code Black”

  11. What faction should I join? Should I be a Warden or Colonial?

  12. I hope that they make the resulting blast area more inhospitable and horrifying (charred corpses, haunting atmospheric noises). I want the decision to use Nuclear weaponry to be one that is deeply conflicted

  13. I. Am. So! Fucking!! READY!!!

  14. My friends and me were discusing about bigger tanks in Foxhole and more shell types and here we are it is much better than we could have of imagined it. And rocket I had an idea of smth that looks like a construction vehicle which has 3 types of rockets small(launches many) medium launches 3 and a great one which destroys half a town

  15. Would be cool to have flare guns for night battles, mortar halftrack and also flamehalftrack,submarines thst cant attack when underwater for balance and also some kind of AT artillery piecr like the pak40 with long range

  16. Wow this has come far. I remember having to "run" supplies to the middle of the map and wishing for a truck.
    I also remember the crash on the first weekly war that reset about 8 hours of progress.

    one day I will get this game again.

  17. They removed mines?

  18. The warden tank looks like a crusader churchill tiger hybrid

  19. Takes over a day to even launch a rocket, good lord.

  20. I really like the upgrade to basic building being up when the server swaps them in this will promote more in city cc combat. I also move that there are some anti masseurs to mortars and artillery spam that seemed to be the only thing that happened after day 6 when most of the time mortars tubes would roll out the factories. The battle tank looks great and the MG inside the tank was the thing me and my group wanted for the longest time in the light tanks.

    But I am sad to hear some of the later things your told like that mortar ammo does not need to be tech making the mortar less of an anti town tool and a cheaper anti Infantry tool with not alot of counter play.

    The removal of special crit spots on light tanks will make tank fights a lot less skill and more RNG dependent.

    Also the big zoom out when aiming does not reward the players that have learned to do fast snap shots and dodge with there small fov when aiming.

    And I can't really say anything about the removal of mines I like and hate it at the same time. like it since it was used for main base trolling when people put mines inside the Vehicle stock pile. But sad for when a raiding group used a main to disable a tank and gas out the drivers to go on a rampage.

    The missiles are cool. See it as a very very end game "we are done with this shit" tool. But having a player sit completely still for 10 min brakes the fast speed a infantry (Wo)man.

    All in all this update has its good and bad parts. 7.2/10

    If you have read this far I congratulate you and would give you a cookie on the battlefield.

    if you have your own opinion (not ranting at me for being brain dead not having the exact same opinion.) I would love to discuss it with you.

    Kind regards,

    Lt Cymo

  21. how fricking cool are the new tanks…. damn

  22. Holy crap those Missiles are crazy.

    Its a lot of effort and material to make and fire one, but man, that effect is insane and could seriously alter a war with permanent damage. Intel is gonna more key than ever to make those effective.

    All of this update is interesting though, heavier tanks, shell types, more garrison house and building diversity, safe houses, kinda bummed they removed anti-tank mines but TBH I never really saw them widely used outside two instances in all my hours of playing, hopefully they eventually bring some mines back into the game though like maybe a mix of anti-infantry and anti-vehicle mines.

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  30. I wonder if they will add a tank destroyer

  31. finally gets factory that can make the new tank.. the captains cry its the turning point in the war .. everyone is in the town to see the new tank .. its a celebration .. and then .. over the chatter over the tank sounds rings .. a new sound.. the people fall silent as the sirens hunting cry fills the air and the truth sets in .. that on this day .. WAR HAS CHANGED

  32. I

    I love it <3

  33. Hey Bear: caught your Foxhole stream tonight on Steam. Just bought the game and subscribed here. Thanks for the good content; look forward to more!

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  52. nice i want this game :d I HOPE Someone donate me this game
    so impressive

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  54. and how about the radiation

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  56. Love the video 🙂

  57. Hi i am from steam, love your channel !

  58. So much trouble for launching the missile… only for shelter nonselling it as I understand?:D
    Besides it's not like it should be a ballistic missile knockoff of V-2. It's kind of ruins the whole interbellum style. Plus aforementioned problem of V-2 => too much cost, too little bang.
    Though the launch procedure makes me wonder if there is espionage going on irl for the game and if there can be a mission to kill off commanders and sabotage a launch(or give up the town on purpose and launch it anyway).

  59. Still haven’t fixed voice chat error 6-0

  60. Christ, I hope they change the refuelling timer…even real world ICBMS with nukes on them took MAYBE 3 hours to fuel at the longest!

  61. Lovely update, hope AT rifle gets a slight buff since mines are gone. Stickies though was well needed

  62. Hey i just did my stream on this with 2RB it was great

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  65. Imagine having a update and the tank is a reference to the T95 and/or Maus that be sick and Badass but it would be a large and heavy price to build such a heavy vehicle well that’s my other tank idea the classic – Expensive but powerful tank which I think the battle tank would actually be most likely a medium tank or main battle tank(aka medium tank).

  66. I think the rockets are way to expensive for their benefit into the battlefield. Cant see them being resource and time efficient. Its a neat addition though 😀

  67. Why tf would they remove AT mines? Those were my favorite weapon wth

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    Really puts to shame 3 A teams.

  69. Ждем локализации

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  71. I wish the game removed all AI and it was purely infantry and vehicles

  72. Hey does this game have any lore? I mean, who are the Wardens and the Colonials?

  73. Any note on whether the devs are aware of/addressing the gunboat MG turret bug? If you aim at anything, the turret rapidly wiggles back and forth between on-target and off-target, making the turret fire at half or less of its true RoF. A similar bug sometimes hits the main cannon too, where it snaps back and forth between 5 degrees azimuth instead of following the cursor to fine-adjust for 1 or 2.

  74. Lol, you and I have the same profile picture.

  75. (gets this in my youtube recommended) …This looks amazing, one question though, why were anti-tank mines removed?

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  81. Fucking horrid shit design. What moron asshole wants to be the engineer doing nothing but reloading tanks in a videogame.

    I only have 28 hours in this but to me tanks ruin the best part of the experience.

    Fuck tank crews.

  82. I see they’ve found an STC for an old bane blade

  83. How organized is this game? Do people actually build things and work together? These new features seem insanely hard to use without unprecedented levels of teamwork.

  84. I wish there were more single player games like this.

  85. The collies ran us through three encampments with one BT and two light tanks. Every time we got rpgs up they had a dozen flanking on each side with shot guns and subs. It was rough to say the least.

  86. the battle tank can take a beating. The biggest understatement entire team fought one for an entire day

  87. Ahh yes, Abandoned Ward Advanced Weapon factory i looked at you for 3 nights straight. Almost 1000 shells later, the war ends,.Thank you for all the help with mats guys WE did it together.

  88. Why did they remove the at mines?

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  90. I friggin love urban warfare

  91. my game keeps saying im being locked in the wardens faction cuz i chose it but im not being locked in so idk wtf is happening and i have the feeling my game keeps resetting is this normal?

  92. HANS


  93. #neverforgetjade

  94. beautiful game my internet speed is so fucking slow that i can't play so thank you .

  95. I remember playing this when it was in beta and free

    Now I can’t play anymore cuz it costs money and I’m broke asf fml

  96. "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"

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