Barbie Makeup Tutorial ♥

Barbie Makeup Tutorial ♥

I can’t feel starting off I’m using the professional by benefit this will make sure that my face gets that barbie texture Oh No I’m taking two of my most favorite liquid foundations to create my perfect shade I’m rubbing them together on the back of my hand I like to use a stippling brush because it pies the foundation completely even and Angela Sun is setting since Barbies face is completely impeccable I am concealing any imperfections Oh ha I am puffing on a light mineral foundation by bare minerals just to set my liquid foundation in to create a rich texture oh don’t – the reason I’m using a powder puff is so that I can lock in the foundation but at the same time I want to keep the same exact texture as I did before to get perfectly defined brows like a Barbie I like to fill in my brows pretty sharp for that unbelievable i shadow pop I’m using the NYX HD eyeshadow base with you with a flat shader brush and a light blue color I’m applying this to the center of my lids with a fluffy brush and a highly pigmented pink this is going right into the crease creating an almond shape blue bird blue bird sitting on my windowsill singing sweet be out and take the morning till pouring your heart I like words on the page animals the way to the sky tell me what’s with the shimmery blue that shines like the Stars apply this right over the light blue to give us a great shimmery effect find her I’m gonna help you in picking up a small brush and a dark blue eyeshadow I am applying this straight into the crease just going to define it and give it a cartoon feel you’re gonna find your stuff big white dog sit prolly in the Emma Skye spinning thoughts all tangled up in lullabies shake with a matte white eyeshadow I’m highlighting my two ducks and also my brow bone with a NYX jumbo eye pencil and milk I’m applying this to my waterline just to widen my eyes and give them an animated feel I’m gluing on my fake lashes and applying them straight to my lashline blending together my real and fake eyelashes I’m using my favorite mascara called Zazu to figure these things out using a thin black liquid eyeliner I’m creating my very own lashes using your favorite pink blush apply it to the apples of your cheeks I’m using an extreme lip cream by NYX and this is a bright magenta color and I’m applying this all over my lips and finish it off with a shiny gloss by sweater it’s so not your color and where’d you get those shin the two gangster for you you should have asked me I would’ve told you straight away and when was your last dinner you can much thinner so now you should look like the perfect plastic Barbie doll music by jet spinner life is rosy Bluebird and built to break they do this

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  1. but i love mighcel van channel😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Waaaw! I love this video

  3. u look pretty girl

  4. you did a really good i enjoyed it so much

  5. Barbie face is you Chelsea! You're so gorgeous then and now

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  7. I  love  your  tutorial it  is  the  best!!!

  8. beautiful .. sweet soo much ….
    krásné okouzlujíící líčeníí …
    mooc a moc se mii to lííbí …

     veryy niice =**
       =** muuck =**

  9. Wow perfecto!!!!!

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  12. I like that you have all that makeup so you can look like real barbie doll

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  23. I love this video its the best!!!

  24. It was very beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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  26. I seriously thought that you r 6yrs old because your face looks very cute and babieish

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