Atlas Guy 2015: David Welch, Ben Hill Roofing, Douglasville, GA

I’m David Welch with Ben Hill Roofing we are
out of Atlanta Georgia. But we’ve been in the Atlanta area for 51
years and last year we celebrated our 50th. What does being an Atlas guy mean to you? I guess it’s almost like being part of a family. In this industry, you because a number real
easy because all the manufacturers look at you as, hey, you can add to our bottom line. It could be that we know a lot of the guys
you feel a part of something bigger than you. And it feels good, you know when you’re out
talking to the homeowner and, you know, selling your product that, should you have a problem
you know you’ve got somebody behind you that will cover your back. If that’s what being an Atlas guy means then
somebody covering your back then naturally you want to be a part of that. How has using Atlas products impacted your
business? The Scotchgard brand, no doubt has become
coveted by a lot of the people in our area. You know, a shingle is a shingle, that’s the
way a lot of homeowners look at it. But when you really have something to offer
that you really know will work I mean, that that’s huge. What makes you use Atlas products over others? I know, should we have a problem, that they
will cover our back. If you met a contractor new to the business,
how would you present Atlas to them? It’s a team. It’s a vendor, it’s a contractor, and it’s
a manufacturer, and being part of Atlas makes you part of the team. And Atlas becomes part of your team but it
seems like it reciprocates both ways and you would not want anyone on your team that
would not back you should something go wrong. And you just absolute assurance that they

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