ASMR | Making You a Brand New Face

ASMR | Making You a Brand New Face

hey okay I see you are my next appointment no no it’s fine whatever I had on the
books… it’s done you’re my next appointment how long have you been
living with this face my god so you’ve never really gone for any tuneups or anything have you? listen don’t worry I’m a professional I can see
that you’ve worn this face far past its expiration really eyeballs are only good
for a certain number of years and well the nose starts to go first the teeth
let me see yeah you really really need a face replacement, at the very least a rejuvenation don’t worry what’s your insurance? okay I can do it for, let’s see… eyes, nose… teeth… lips… hair.. 1 2 3 4 5 I can do it for… this amount is that satisfactory? you have yourself a deal okay don’t you worry about a thing we’re going to get that face fixed all right it’s pretty irresponsible of you to be actually walking around with the
features so worn out very used, covered by stress overwork how much sleep do you get? well I expect to see you back in here in no time then let’s see let’s see let’s see we can start with your eyes okay now since you’re doing… a full… do over you can actually pick anything you’d like oh, well I can show you our colors,
what we have oh yeah we expanded you have not been here in a long time so
you probably only had probably five or so of these to choose from so oh don’t get overwhelmed first of all I could be here all day so take your time second of all I can help you make the best decision for you if you’d like okay should we go
over all the colors? or do you have something in particular that you know
you want? let’s go through ’em yeah yeah, let’s go through ’em we have aquamarine that’s more of a greeny blue it’s like “is it blue is it green? turquoise?”, you know we’ve got um, honey which is a beautiful yellow brown with actually a
spot of reddish brown in the middle we’ve got our classic blue with the very
very inner yellow iris we have a classic green, mmkay? now all of our eyes do come with
the natural more yellow inner ring but it’s most prominent in colors like blue
and green mm-hmm we have Jade green which is a little less saturated than
our normal green we have chestnut-brown yes I did a combination of chestnut
brown and added a bit of a deepener to it mm-hmm we can do pure hazel for you if you
want something like a little different we have our satin gray and sugar gray so a
satin will be your lighter and sugar would be your darker gray we’ve got sweet violet here, not to be confused with regular violet where the inner yellow ring is much more prominent in the sweet violet we have topaz blue a bit more saturated than our regular blue and more contrast than our true
sapphire which is really you look like… I’ve seen people insist that they want
true sapphire and they look like White Walkers coming out of here.. it’s…it’s not a.. it’s
not my favorite look we can do, um hazel here which is less contrast-y
than the pure hazel yeah the name’s a little confusing like I said we have our normal
gray, um, down here again with a less prominent inner ring we have emerald green again I don’t think looks very natural but maybe that’s not what you’re going
for we have our brown eye so this is more of a golden brown a little bit lighter than
chestnut here but in the same family we have our marble gray, which is a gorgeous color very uh… you know steely, impactful we’ve got Evergreen another beautiful color violet.. just that nice purple beautiful color not natural but not um
not too overwhelming or in-your-face, truly and then a very
popular choice is our ocean blue are you between any of them? okay and with your
complexion I would probably lean more towards.. yup, exactly! I agree let’s.. let’s go for it I’m gonna load up my pen here and this is gonna go in your eyes so let’s numb you up first look up look down to the side and to the other side okay I have to make sure we have a clear face here so.. hold still can you feel that? perfect nice and numb I’m just gonna go ahead and polish off.. the
rest of that stubborn color that was in your eyes mm-hmm oh yeah it’s coming off easily who did these for you? oh yeah you know they went
out of business yeah mm-hmm just couldn’t really keep up with
the times alright perfect base I have the color loaded in
my pen here and what we’re going to do is just… you okay? good
it really shouldn’t be uncomfortable at all if you have to blink just go ahead
and do it it won’t hurt the pen at all or the procedure and if you need a break just let me know okay all right you should be… seeing a
little bit better yeah? blinking around a little bit you look stunning- already it makes a big difference and that’s why I don’t understand why
people don’t come in for their tune ups more often because it’s truly.. it’s not an unpleasant experience, you know? I try to be professional and… have good bedside manner I have great reviews on Yelp I know, it’s not personal, I get it all right now, let’s uh, let’s work on your teeth,
shall we? I’m gonna go ahead and get my gloves on or rather, I only need one my nails have gotten a bit longer so this is more, uh precarious than usual alright I’m just gonna have you.. open up and I’m gonna take a look in your mouth okay can you bite down? look up side side mmkay well uh, I can see your teeth are still very straight which
is good they just have a lot of wear and tear so honestly I just want to give
them… strengthening strengthening gel we’ll shape them back up and.. make sure
that they’re pretty white, ok? go ahead and open this and what I’m going to do is put a little bit of strengthening gel on this all over the bristles this is gonna go
in your mouth, so yep, just like that, keep your teeth
visible for me I just want to coat all of your teeth molars.. front teeth… back behind there bottom teeth as well back molars.. the front of your bottom teeth there and your back molars, as well I”m just coating everything mmkay and while that’s covering them I’m gonna go ahead and shape them around the gums here make the lines a little bit smoother, you know? oh yes, that’s a
nice gum line right there bottom teeth, here we go yup just like that mmkay go like this all right now these trays are going to fit in your mouth so that they will make a more permanent shape so go ahead and.. like that okay and the bottom teeth like…that okay bite down sort of grind your jaw a little bit does that feel fine? okay now those tray should give you a whiter appearance and dissolve within 48
hours yeah, then your teeth should be looking better than new honestly they weren’t in
too bad shape but um… but yeah, you definitely needed some gum shaping, a little bit of rebuilding and, uh yeah that whitening will help okay shall we move on to the nose? we shall alright well for your nose, you’re going to have to
describe to me what you want because what I see right now is just years of
deterioration and neglect so would you like a nose that is more… you know, pointed? maybe like a little more rounded but still sloped up or one that points down a
little more any of these in a decent ballpark? ok so in terms of the nostrils if um, and I am
NOT an artist on the paper I might add if you have your nose shape right
here facing forward per se you want the nostrils just coming off the side there nothing too prominent that’s what most of my clients ask for, I mean.. you could do something you know pretty… intense if that’s more your style okay you know, I’m just going to try to restore your natural nose as much as possible okay first we need that numbing spray and then… I’m gonna be using the same… building gel that we’re gonna use… with your mouth let me mix that up for ya oh yeah just a little bit of this goo… we’re gonna layer on your nose to be the building blocks of our shaping a little bit there now this dries, um, completely clear, so some people get nervous when I pull it out and let’s… just get a little more on the side here like that okay alright now, as that hardens we’re going to need to do some measurements to make
sure that, um I’m shaping and sculpting the right size, so just hold still I’m gonna do 2 and a half… one and three quarters here one and three quarters here I think that looks good, let me see the tip of the nose should only be about… half that with the nostrils coming like a quarter or so there and then coincidentally quarter or so there okay okay all right, let me see I think that looks good
so… let’s do some shaping here as this dries it becomes less and less malleable so
you wanna… get in while it’s still a little bit structured so it’s gonna hold the shape but… not dry enough that it won’t move do you remember getting your nose fixed last time you came? oh they didn’t do a nose shaping, okay interesting, yeah Wow, so you haven’t
been since they’ve done, uh… just nose templates stamped on the face? yeah, well this,
this is a much more natural look I think that’s perfect now we’re gonna have to
cover this and seal it up and make a little mixture here with our building foam okay so I’m gonna grab my brush set here get my little detail brush mmkay and with our foam we just want to seal that up exactly so it’s just a little… smoother than it was yeah, the foam is a great medium because it just absorbs so well yeah okay a little bit here okay so we’re going to be doing the same
thing with your mouth just so you know what to expect I’m gonna go ahead and just let this dry for a second um
before we get into that that looks good yeah with your eyes and… and I’m just, I’m
just thinking right now you probably want some fresh eyelashes as well I’m
noticing now with the nose and.. yeah you know what? let me show you I’ve got two styles, and actually the eight elevens and the eight tens now the eight tens are… a little more intense and full whereas the eight elevens are more natural, on the thick
side but have a more dramatic… whoosh! yeah the whoosh! yeah we can certainly, um thin them out a little bit, or make them look a bit more… maybe more what you’re used to okay yeah well that’s perfect we can do
this while your nose dries we can do your mouth, your lips, since we did your teeth already and then we can pick your hair, yeah okay great um, I don’t have my scissors so let me grab them, just a minute here we go so I think these are the easiest type to install quick-drying etc okay it comes a little bit longer than
it should so I’m gonna go ahead and measure your eye ok, let’s get your other eye okay here we go I’m gonna give the ends a snip since those are the more.. dramatic side that you don’t necessarily want in an every day look and these are gonna go… right on your eye like so what do you think? yeah let’s do the other one you know I was a little bit stressed when you came in but honestly I’m feeling a lot better
now that we’re… getting some features on you you know, you deserve it you deserve to look… your best okay beautiful beautiful, really suits you really suits you now let me check your nose good and
dry good and dry, so it’s time to do your lips, now let me take a look actually do some measuring of the lips there’s a .1 when it should be a .4 and… this is a little lacking here, I need to do some plumping alright I’m not gonna bother
drawing scale for lips, I can see the shape that would really suit your face
unless you’re looking for something more intense but it’s not really the vibe
that I’ve been getting from you today it’s like on a scale of 1 to 10 how thick… do you want those lips? okay alright we don’t have to do anything… super special to achieve that so let me just find my building gel I think it’s this one I’m gonna wanna use our… “knife” it’s not sharp okay, so this building gel’s gonna go on your mouth just go ahead and….. get comfortable and then relax ok I’m gonna paint this on add a little bit more okay okay, alright let me put this down we’re gonna want to start to do some
shaping right away and then a little bit more as it’s drying but let
me just get the initial shape down okay okay, initial little shape okay! gonna turn you to the side there ok let’s see mmkay and then we’re going to want to press into the middle of your mouth here make sure that it doesn’t dry shut was that the doorbell? no okay alright we’re gonna get our foam here it’s been collapsing a little
bit so let’s get that back… up… fluffy where we want it okay wipe that off on my towel here and start building that onto your lips like so this is where, you know, the soft skin… that’s where that’s coming from is this foam builder ok just scrape them, there we go it’s a little tingly? yeah your mouth is more
sensitive than your nose, so let’s do this okay some color just a very natural… natural color, um
and this reacts with your body heat so it looks a little bit greenish, a little pale, but just a few drops on your lips and that’s gonna react with the foam to make a really smooth really nice saturated, not too saturated lip color here go like this very good you have a face again you have a face again so the last thing we need to do is… your hair I have a few really good options you cannot go wrong but, you know, let me show you you can pick the one that you think suits you best and this is the easiest one to change so if you ever wanna come back in and just do a hair update, you just let me know alright this one is incredibly thick so let me try to find.. there we go all of our hair can be.. cut and styled to your desired length preference, bang preference, this is our dirty blonde that’s on the more ashy, paler side it’s got a bit a curl I would call it
more of a wave but it’s very, very beautiful it’s got a lot of volume if you cut this short I actually think it would look great yeah so… okay I do have a darker one with a wave now this is our… this is our best brown a really deep, warm, brunette yeah.. it’s got a little less of a wave but I’ve heard
that clients say that this one is a little bit more… manageable it looks like
it tangles easy but it’s actually very very, um, very smooth, you just need to run a brush
through it probably just once in the morning after you get out of bed and then take a shower you’ll wanna brush as well, but it definitely doesn’t have to be this long, we just carry it in long lengths so can always go shorter, you know or you could do a real cool braid updo, ponytail, bun two buns, you know? you know, I do,
I do have one that’s slightly darker this is the darkest we’ve got, actually let me go ahead and get this out of the bag, here curly jet-black hair beautiful it’s got a lot of bounce to it and a lot of life to it as you can see it’s incredibly
dark but very, very beautiful go ahead and give that a feel, it’s silky but if you want to go… okay, if you wanna go off the… natural color spectrum I can respect that we only have a little bit left of this wine color so if you really fancy this one, you’d only be able to get it in a short cut here we have.. our stunning wine purple almost pink hair here with a hairstyle this short you could spike it
quite easily, look pretty nice definitely bold I mean, bolder still we have… we have rainbow, but yeah yeah, ok let’s um, let’s install this and see what it looks like really quick, okay? let me just… mmkay oh wow! oh wow! okay wow that looks really good on you! just give it a little trim here if you push that, yeah have the bang like, here… people really like this color it’s really in this season lemme just clip this back really quick yep! and, uh trim the underneath here okay the length is slightly uneven at the moment, so I can fix that it’s just on the one, the one side here Wow a day’s work, well done, honestly easier than I anticipated considering we had to do the full… kit and caboodle here but, you know, that’s what you get if you neglect taking care of your face well people aren’t gonna recognize you that’s for sure you’re gonna have to get your
nametag back out and start wearing that for a week or so well what do you think? do you like it? good I am very glad good job well, anytime you need a little bit of an
adjustment whether its out of necessity or just out of personal preference you just go ahead and give me a call or drop in um, yeah, yeah appointment, no
appointment should be fine but um, well, happy I could do it for you so yeah you take care of this one though take care of it ’cause this is some of my
best work yeah it’s a nice face that is a nice face! all right, get on out of
here, go enjoy your uh, your new life!

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