Ashes of Creation Twitchcast Part 1

Ashes of Creation Twitchcast Part 1

Hi friends! Today, we’ll be talking about the latest Ashes of Creation Twitch cast which was held today, September 27th 2018 if You don’t know ashes of creation is going to be the greatest MMORPG ever to exist in the history of the world. The game will take the best aspects of all games that came before it and put them all in one place. The world of Verra. Ashes will feature the best crafting, the best combat, the most interactive story, and of course, the best music ,of any game ever! It’s going to make MMOs great again This is Jeffrey Bard, he’s the lead game designer. He’s like the boss of all the game developers and a really cool guy. This is Steven Sharif, he’s the big boss and the money. This is his game. He made millions online selling smoothies when he was 18 And now he’s using his vast fortune to create the greatest video game ever. Whaat? I know right? That’s internet legend stuff right there. Let’s join the Twitch cast and see what awesome new info they have for us today. Exactly.the the idea behind our Hybrid system is going to obviously be customizable from a traditional higher up third-person view That is seen in MMORPGs And then to have that customizable so that more action-oriented players might be able to come in closer to the character and have more feasibility their Question from Giga, bear Steven, I must know are we getting growth and shrinking potion from alchemy? So as part of the questions that we are Trying to answer with these types of tests in an action arena Is the question of how tab will relate to action when it comes to hitboxes on a character, right? And it’s entirely possible that that answer may include the adjustment of such hit boxes throughout chemical means perhaps right during runtime or you know If a person wants to customize our character smaller or larger what that impacts from a stat perspective Right, so that it blends well into the tab System, but for us to have that answer now Really puts the cart ahead of the horse because our horse is the alpha testing period that we’re finding these answers out That’s the whole purpose for us creating this action only arena testing phase a whole new phase that we can really a whole new world a whole new phase that We can that we can actually get some clarity on these specific questions and and it’s also like we Totally think that those kinds of things are a lot of fun We’ll be putting stuff along those lines in as much as we possibly can as much as we possibly can Doesn’t negatively affect the gameplay because stuff like that is just crazy fun. Right and here’s a you know, just to clarify See you guys have a very good context understanding. I know we’ve said this before But the holy grail is to find that blend of action and tab that accommodates the play style of the player to a degree so you know you have traditionally in these MMORPGs you have some of them leaning towards more action some of them leaning Ward’s tab and some of them trying to create these hybrids, right and the The question the next question that kind of put me off on. This was a question from Shay’s that said you recently confirmed hedge headshot hitboxes currently exist in the game as an mor 2 player I cannot help but be concerned that the steers the game towards a shooter. So the desire is to allow the players to customize their play style More predominantly towards action or tab. Right right So if you if you take a look at like kind of what a headshot represents a headshot is basically a critical hit And players who are relying on tat skills will have that critical hit chance baked into their character They will have that fixed chance every time they use an ability or use a spell or swing a weapon And then somebody who is kind of preferring, you know action based in order to get that crit They’re not gonna be relying necessarily on their stat. They’re gonna be relying on Whether they get a headshot or not or are able to hit that critical spot on that character So that’s kind of the direction. We’re going in that way again. It’s gonna be hybridized So there’s gonna be a little bit of both happening in both places But yeah, that’s direction. We’re going ok Decimus asks how will the Battle Royale game-mode seen in alpha 1 be integrated to the full version of the game We’re not sure that we will have the Battle Royale integrated into the full version of the game You have to understand the battle royale mode is intended as a testing atmosphere, right? This is what is allowing us to collect hands on data from testers with regards to action combat It allows us to test our server balance. It allows us to test our back-end systems It allows us to test the the frame rate with the environment when players are loading It allows us to test our level streaming It allows us to test mount it allows us to to iterate on art and cosmetic appearances It allows us to implement our character creation screen It allows us to test our castle see I mean, there’s there’s so many things that get tests It’s all ready to go on but to get tested in this mode It doesn’t have to be integrated into the unmarked would you know? It’s weird cuz it’s it’s you got to think of it in terms of this Isn’t this isn’t this is the MMO but it’s not the end of Moe. Right, right It’s it’s yeah, Moe, we’ve cut a couple sections off of it and we’re just focused on this part right now right and then as we go into Alpha phase two that will grow and kind of like start to encompass more things It’s it’s more of a starting point right rather than an end point or a means in and of itself, right? It’s it’s a thing that is contained that allows us to test a bunch of stuff in a really focused manner So think of it that way less less like it’s its own thing. Yes Okay Next question from Malgus. Hello intrepid. I would like to first congratulate you on hitting the milestone of reaching a1. Thank you It is really lovely. Comment Thank You. Mal. Guess we appreciate that My question is in regards to node leadership for economic node. So far. We know it is a bidding war. So can you explain? How would you stop a guild from banding together to send all their cash to certain individuals to take the leadership? so it can be a bit more fair to smaller gaming communities or if the system is going to work a little bit differently, so That’s a good question obviously part of how an economic node works Is through the accumulation of resources the trading of those goods and/or resources and those resources can include gold money currency Mmm part of one of the ideas on how that might work Is that your transactions through let’s say that economic nodes auction house May yield a count bound Currency as well as whatever currency you take and the account bound currency might be used as the currency With which you can bid in the economic node or use for other types of systems so for example Let’s say there were certificates required in order to craft certain types of goods at that economic node that utilized this account bound currency your choices through that month would be to accumulate the account bound currency and either benefit from it by using it at those different types of transactions with merge that benefit you or Saving and accumulating them to bid for the position at the FPA Economic note the idea here is yes to kind of try to stop guilds from potentially banding together or Let’s say someone who might subvert our security and our Mt Gold front, you know sellers or whatever and claim control over we have ideas in the works for that regard But that’s gonna be implemented during testing. We will see whether or not some worse systems work exactly what works and doesn’t work that is something that is on our mind Okay, and that’s how part one ends with me going off the rails and going on a crazy rant against Jeff Because we disagree on exploits. I’ll just leave it at that Join me for part two probably on Friday Make sure you ring the bell so you don’t miss it part three features some exclusive live combat from alpha 1 gameplay But I can’t show that to you until after October the 4th when the NDA wears off That’s why I split this video into three parts One because it’s kind of long and also I can’t show you the combat footage until next week Thanks for watching

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