Arizona Ranchers Discuss The Impact Of Trump’s Border Wall | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Arizona Ranchers Discuss The Impact Of Trump’s Border Wall | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

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  1. That's cute, she said if they were going build the wall that she was going to part of the process. The Government can technically take her land. It's more likely the "leasing" cost for the inconvenience that's she liking $$$$$$

  2. Trump should move his stonewall to the border. His stonewalling has been 100%. Trump doesn't want any people other than Caucasians voting.

  3. Trump is a serial liar and serial criminal who should be tried for treason and rot in jail…and I'm not even an American.

  4. The good of the whole out ways the few, or the one. Think of your country FIRST cowboy. 🇺🇸

  5. Trumps polling near 50%. Poor fakenews CNN and MSNBC. Cheers from Toronto

  6. its a FENCE stop calling it a wall!


  8. A wall , umm how will I get past that ?

    Cut a hole
    Walk drive trough the boarder with a hidden compartments
    Walk drive where there isn't a wall
    Use a boat 🚣 "who's 🚣 is that 🚣 " ?

    A wall is a past defence that isn't relevant in future times .

  9. They can build as many walls as they want,it's not going to change anything,the flow of drugs will still make it across the border!

  10. MSNBC received #1 most trusted in fake news network, and is now lowest rated news organization.

  11. But once Trump loses in 2020 the wall is done for

  12. They keep saying he has to keep his promise to build the wall….so when does he have to make Mexico pay for it?

  13. You MAGAts still waiting on that Check from Mexico???

  14. It’s not a replacement wall? Child, please.

  15. Trump will win reelection in a landslide. Then the dem indictments begin. 👍😂🇺🇸

  16. You've heard "build it and they will come" this is "build it and they will stay out"🔴⚪🔵

  17. Ranchers accept it, no matter if they agree with it or not. Because they are getting paid by YOUR tax dollars that the Orange Turd stole from the Military!

  18. Looking forward to the tearing down of the wall!

  19. All of that land is stolen

  20. Arizonastan, you voted for Trump and now you get the wall. Poor, Poor you if your land in the path of Trump's wall is in the way. WOMP! WOMP!

  21. Q: What is the effect of the border wall. A: A lot less illegal aliens and drug and human smugglers. Congress wouldn't put the funds up, so some of us are funding it on our own.

  22. Isn't it funny how the entire Democrat Party are recorded as saying they supported the wall until Trump got into office and then they were dead-set against it. Hypocrites.

  23. Impeach then Imprison!!!

  24. Now that Kushner has solved the middle east crisis he can work on Texas. Good plan. 😉

  25. There is 75 miles of Indian reservation land … they said no wall on their reservation …

  26. Trump has proved himself to be what many critics have long accused him of being: belligerent, bullying, impatient, irresponsible, intellectually lazy, short-tempered, corrupt, and self-obsessed.

    So far, the Trump Doctrine in foreign policy appears to consist of three elements: baiting adversaries, rattling allies, and scaring the crap out of Congress. The administration has injected strategic instability into world politics, undermining alliances and institutions, hastening bad trends, and igniting festering crises across the globe. “America first” looks increasingly like “America alone.” The indispensable nation is becoming the unreliable one. Even without a nuclear disaster, the damage inflicted by the Trump presidency won’t be undone for years, if ever.

    👉 Trump: ‘She wouldn’t hang my picture’: Trump again hits out at US ambassador. President continues attacks on impeachment inquiry witnesses in Fox and Friends interview

    Watch "Cybersecurity reporter debunks Trump's CrowdStrike claims" on YouTube

    Remember this?


    👉 After rattling U.S. allies at a NATO summit and epic disgrace of the U.S.-Russia summit in Helsinki, trump told Fox News, Montenegro are a “very aggressive people,” arguing that their membership in NATO could spark a war. “They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you’re in World War III,” he said.

    Watch "People of Montenegro laugh off Trump's criticism" on YouTube

    👉 Trump was once so involved in trying to block an Indian casino that he secretly approved attack ads. Trump signed off on this ad attacking an Indian tribe as criminals and drug dealers.

    Below a photo of needles and lines of powder, Trump wrote, "Roger – this could be good!" 👇

     👉 Trump has signed the congressional measure invalidating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s arbitration rule, killing the regulation that was unpopular with banks and other financial institutions. Trump and Mick Mulvaney had expressed disapproval of the bureau's existence. They just made it easier for banks to screw over minority borrowers and disregards struggling families.

    👉 Watch "U.S. Withdrawal from Human Rights Council “Imminent” After U.N. Condemns Israel for Gaza Massacre" on YouTube


    Watch "Ivanka Trump visits Israel to scout property prospects" on YouTube

     A nationalist streak runs through Putin’s love for Jews and Israel

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    For Kushner, Israel Policy May Be Shaped by the Personal…

    Watch "Ivanka Trump Arrives in Israel Ahead of US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem" on YouTube

    Watch "New U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem" on YouTube

    Watch "Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner open the new US embassy in Jerusalem | ITV News" on YouTube

    Netanyahu of Israel released a video in which he thanked Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, for her words of support and the U.S. veto of the resolution, in which the United States vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have required the Trump administration to backtrack on its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    U.S Embassy Opening in Israel 

    Watch "Sen. Cruz Joins Sens. Lee, Graham, and Heller on Fox News – May 14, 2018" on YouTube

    In 2001 Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who characterized the 9/11 attacks on America as “good” for Israel, stated, “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in our way.

    Source: Washington Report 

    In a video clip aired by Israeli television, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted that Israel was responsible for US President Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal.

    “We convinced the US president to exit the deal and I had to stand up against the whole world and come out against this agreement,” Netanyahu says in the video. “And we didn’t give up.”

    Watch "Why is the US saying illegal Israeli settlements are okay? I Inside Story" on YouTube

    Is West Bank annexation next on Trump’s gift list?

    Revealed: Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal

    Israeli agency told to find incriminating material on Obama diplomats who negotiated deal with Tehran

    Sources said that officials linked to Trump’s team contacted investigators days after Trump visited Tel Aviv a year ago, his first foreign tour as US president. Trump promised Netanyahu that Iran would never have nuclear weapons and suggested that the Iranians thought they could “do what they want” since negotiating the nuclear deal in 2015. A source with details of the “dirty tricks campaign” said: “The idea was that people acting for Trump would discredit those who were pivotal in selling the deal, making it easier to pull out of it.”

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    Pompeo launched a rhetorical assault on Iran’s leaders on comparing them to a “mafia” and promising unspecified backing for Iranians unhappy with their government. Pompeo said senior Iranian leaders had benefited from embezzlement, sweetheart deals and other ill-gotten gains. Iran’s ayatollahs, he said, were “hypocritical holy men” who “seem more concerned with riches than religion.”

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  27. Thank you military families who had to sacrifice new schools and improved housing in order for t'rump to pay for a dumb wall that not even his republican congress would approve.
    We owe you.

  28. This was the EMERGENCY?!?

  29. The wall should've been up before columbus arrived here in this sovereign nation.

  30. Wish there'd be four walls built around Trump and then buried in the ground, about 6 feet. Useless orange man.

  31. it is true it is going up. his jail walls are going up

  32. Hardcore propaganda

  33. Beautiful wall. But the demoncrats are to stupid enough to realize it. I can’t imagine how much better this country would be with the demoncrats in the corner and the republicans running this country 🤷‍♂️

  34. Thank God we finally have a president who enforces the immigration laws that Democrats refuse to.
    Trump should criminally prosecute states like Commiefornia, that knowingly aid and abet millions of illegal criminals. And cut all federal funding.

  35. What happened to the mass invasion that was coming?

    Oh wait…….

    they took a breather and will head to the border just before the next election….

    msnbc moderators suppress Yang and he gets the last laugh!!!

  37. The same people hiring illegals to do work in America are the same people building that wall. Corporations will build it whether the people like it or not.

  38. I will let her report my story any day if you know what I mean.

  39. It's a waste of money. The car barriers work, use the money for smart detection of people illegally crossing and distribution of adequate personnel, 2k patrol agents can easily patrol 2 miles of border in a day. Give them dogs and drones and there is little environmental impact, hunting migrations wont be affected then, thers is employment think of it like ranger stations in forests but for border patrol agents.

  40. Is that the wall Mexico is paying for? Where is that rapidly going up wall? How come we can't see it. Are our eyes lying again, trumpy?

  41. trump knows how to find people to lie for him.

  42. FENCE !!!




  43. When trump is finally kicked out of the white house, let's go after him for all the money he spent on his stupid wall.

  44. Cocaine prices go up !

  45. The impact is that another campaign promise gets fulfilled.

  46. Trump spokesperson: I don't see how you can say replacing the old wall isn't building a new wall. What spin artist crooks the American public is being asked to suffer.

  47. WHY didn't she see other ranchers? Record their views and such,

  48. Trump is planning for
    the future when he will need rouge Private Military Contractors and Mercenaries
    to help him in his fight to stay in the White House by force. The Democratic
    House of Representatives and even the Senate must prepare for Trump to barricade
    himself in the White house with rouge Mercenaries that will resist to the very
    end. Trump does not care how it will look or care about America as a nation and
    it's standing in the world. Trump only cares about one thing and he is not
    giving up the Presidency as long as he lives. Trump sees no crime in being a
    Russian agent or using the Presidency to gain wealth because he is a classic
    case of Narcissism. What I am talking about is after the collapse of the
    economy and the dollar. I am talking at the very end. Trump is not going
    without a fight, a firefight.

  49. you could saw right through one of those bars and bend it aside in 3 minutes, what a scam to get white Supremacists to vote for Trump


  51. Wow there are an inordinate number of bots creating word salad posts here.
    I mean, half of the comments are like someone got drunk playing Jumble.

  52. The wall isn't necessary. And it's already been proven that a $100 saw will cut right through it.

  53. They can't build this wall fast enough. And this section looks pretty new to me.

  54. We’re wasting billions while we have millions of homeless Vets, homeless families and people struggling to survive.

  55. We say no but we'll take the $$$

  56. How many of these ranchers voted for Trump. No sympathy..

  57. Every nation should have a border wall AND ways of coming in legally, together. 🇺🇸🇲🇽

  58. I remember when the dem elected official said Arizona had no say so in immigration. When asked why, she said Arizona does not share the border with Mexico.


  60. ******MSNBC IS VILE SCUM******

  61. Criminals committed a massacre among members of a Mormon sect in Mexico. With an average of almost a hundred murders a day, the country has an unprecedented deadly year.

  62. those people have already forgotten

  63. Farmers are ignorant. They will lose their farms. Say bye bye.

  64. Thank God for President Trump.

  65. Remember guys, almost everything is politics and propoganda no matter wich side you stand with.

  66. won't the Berlin Wall builders union get upset? friggin Nazis

  67. Glad you were able to find one of the only property owners that don't want the wall.

  68. Step ONE.. create crisis.. Step TWO get massive tax payer dollars. step THREE increase crisis. Step FOUR increase funding for "crisis". Never solve crisis Crisis: Homelssness, Opiod, Education, water, Border, Drug infiltration, Gang infiltration, Illegal migrant caravans… Notice the pattern? Notice who actually never tries to actively solve any crisis but rather increase funding for safe injection sites, decriminalization, more money for medical and aid for illegals etc.. etc… vote accordingly.

  69. Roughly 25 miles of new wall where none existed before have happened under Donaldinov Trumpkin – hardly a good complete story here. Can we walk around this new wall would be one questions I can think of.

  70. Ranchers said the same thing about barbed wire.

    Get over it.

  71. Well, if a wall must be built, then I want whatever American jobs in Mexico to be brought back to the United States. Me thinks, not going to happen. So waste of tax payer money.

  72. It’s beautiful….!!! Progress a bit slow, so much less bad stuff entering the USA …. great job….!!

  73. At 3:15, the Mexican gov't is paying for it by having to stop and deal with all the illegals that are flooding into their country now. Especially since every place the new wall has gone up, attempted crossings have dropped by almost 100%.

  74. $60 million per mile. A scam. It ain’t stopping anybody.

  75. Morons for Trump 2020!

  76. these people are scary.

  77. you can see what is just under the surface.

  78. About time someone enforces our boulders

  79. At least some reporting on the wall, the one apparently cartels can saw their way right on through!

  80. just keep building!!!

  81. "this was put in as a vehicular barrier and has served its purpose well". That's fine, but what about the people that climb over it? What about the people that drive a truck to both sides of the wall and put a conveyer between them to transfer tons of drugs over it? The wall is meant to stop more than cars.

  82. Strongest Economy + Lowest Unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics + Lowest Number of Family in Food Stamps + Highest Median Household Income + Record Breaking Highs of Stock Market = Peace, Love, and Prosperity for Everybody. GOD BLESS USA

  83. The strength of a wall is neither greater nor less than the courage of the men who defend it

  84. Securing the border, is money "well spent"…than blow it on a war over seas.

  85. Washington biggest lie that border they put up a make like we did something wall which in time failed America! What a failure you are Washington!

  86. It took them forever to find someone on the border that didn't want the wall.

  87. Slowly but surely being built despite all the attempts to cut funding. I don't see the problem.

  88. That rancher smuggling drugs

  89. Liberal Tears make me laugh !!!!

  90. Why everytime there is a news story about the border-wall there has to be a Hispanic reporter telling the story ???????????????

    Government Media Control ??????

  91. What's the discussion for ??????

    There is NO discussion

    Because, the entire country is underatack by Anti-American Racist Criminal invaders here to take over our country

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