And the winner is….. – The Great Gingerbread Shelter Contest RESULTS! (Late)

hello everybody my name is grumble gamer
and this is goobie and today we have the results of the great gingerbread shelter
contest we had quite a few entrance we had sorry guys I messed it up in here so
they we have forever gaming grinch gaming grog games punchy Piatt and
captains many of those 5 people I posted them and God you guys are so good with
this stuff I watched all your his videos and god I love the fact that you guys
actually were down with this and we all came together to make this happen but
there can only be one real winner in this so without further ado drum roll
the winner is sorry the winner of the ginger 20:18 shoutout for the week i
will put your link in the description every single video at the very top of
the video description I’m not posting the results anywhere else you have to be
watching this to get the results so thanks for coming by
be sure to share it also I have a second I ever runner-up I made the mistake and
I didn’t get Grinch gaming in the poll so Grinch for you because I love your
videos I’m gonna stick grinches link as well right underneath forever gaming’s
because you did an excellent job and I think you deserve it okay so for the
entirety of this Halloween I will be adding both of your descriptions in the
videos so if you guys have the chance go check them out let everyone know you’re
alive let everyone know you’re bumping you know and thank you guys so much for
you know joining this I hope to see you guys
next time MA you’re so precious to you you

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