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[MUSIC PLAYING] Today we’re using
a mini excavator. In this case, it’s
a Takeuchi TV 250. It’s about a 10,000 or
11,000 pound machine. And in a general
way, you want to have one pound of equipment weight
for every foot pound of torque you’re working with. This machine puts out
25 gallons a minute as far as the flow rate, whereas
this drive head would probably take 50. We really don’t want to
put 50 into it, because it would turn it too fast. We want the anchor to
install at 10 or 15 RPMs. 20 or 25 gallons a minute is
normal for a machine this size. It will put out 3,000
PSI, which incidentally, is the maximum PSI
for this drive head. If you have a Caterpillar
that puts out 3,500 PSI, you can get a drive head
that will take 3,500 PSI. Generally, we want to
match the drive hit to the equipment first thing. Like I said, that’s a
10,000, 11,000 pound machine. So I want a 10,000 or 11,000
foot pound drive head. Most of the machines today
are plumb for auxiliary, just as this one is. Need a bi-directional auxiliary. If it’s got the old button in
the floor for a hammer circuit, it’s just on and off,
it doesn’t go forward and backward, it’s not
good for our purposes. Flat face quick connects
are normal in today’s world. American machines almost
always have flat face when they come with them. A Takeuchi or something,
you’ll have to put them on. I put a T and an attachment
for a pressure gauge. I only use this for diagnosing
problems with my drive head. I do not use it, except its
criteria for a new construction pile. A bail– when you
order a bail, you need to be sure and tell your
supplier the width of your boom and the diameter
of your boom pin so that they can match the
bail to the drive head. Some bails that you
get from manufacturers will take two pins, a hook that
don’t link and the boom pin. That’s good too. But again, you
still need to know the width of the boom,
the diameter the boom pin. When you’re
installing with pivot, forward and backward
on this pin. We pivot left and
right on this spin, so it acts like a dangle
digger and hangs plumb. Hex adapter– it goes
on the hex output shaft. There’s a hex output
shaft on here. In this case, it’s a three inch. Measure it. If you own your own machine and
you’re ordering a hex adaptor, measure the output shaft so that
you get the right hex adapter. And they get down to the eights. So I mean, there is not much
difference in the 2 and 1/2 and 2 and 5/8. So measure it carefully. Digital torque
indicator– pretty much a must in today’s world. And then whichever tool that
works for the material driving that day. Please visit the Hubbell
Power Systems website to view all HPS Anchor
Pile Installation Products or call customer service. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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