Amy Klobuchar on Her Exchange With Brett Kavanaugh Over Blackout Drinking

Amy Klobuchar on Her Exchange With Brett Kavanaugh Over Blackout Drinking

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  1. "Uphold the dignity of the Senate" kek

  2. Kavanaugh will be remembered in time for what he is ,which is a perv who from a young age had no respect for ladys period , Christine Blasey Ford on the other hand will be remember by history as a pure ,sweet, beautiful ,caring, honest lady [ a survivor of abuse ,bless her sweet soul ] , Kavanaugh is just a walking act ,a snake,100% perv, on the inside his empty & evil , future generations will look at him as a abuser period , he knows same as future generations will that he sits on a seat he does not deserve to sit on for even one second , he will get back tenfold what he gave out to other thru his life, such as what he did to Miss Ford , his a spoilt brat, a bully ,a coward ,his a nothing ,his a devil .. his parents & family know that ,but familys such as thiers hide everything from the outside world . PEACE …LOVE & RESPECT …TO ONE & ALL ….AMEN …xx..xx..xx..

  3. Amy, You have proven to me that you value transparency and equal justice. I'm sick of how the republicans have shown that they care only for their party their corruption and injustice! They continue to act as they are above the law, pathetic is who they are.

  4. We now need term limits for all supreme court justices! Lets say eight years?

  5. I have a better chance of being president then Amy … all these Dems that zero chance of beating trump need to get out of the race period

  6. We like beers and we like not her.

  7. She exudes the anger she possesses. Has she ever used a comb to eat a salad?

  8. Democrats HATE the fact that the Supreme Court on now solidly conservative. They did every immoral, unethical, criminal and used mobs to try and stop it. They represent the downfall of the United States Democratic System.

  9. Literally…literally…literally…I can't stand this person and she represents my state, barf.

  10. …literally…literally…literally…literally

  11. Blasey-Ford was attacked by a serial rapist that terrorized the Columbia Country Club area in the early 1980s. She can't accept that she was nearly raped by a monster, so her mind causes her to think that she was nearly raped by Kavanaugh.

  12. So it all males because women don’t run for office or they are not voted in. How is that the fault of men?! She is so out of touch and just annoying with blaming “men.” She will never be President and needs to stop blaming men.

  13. Love you!! 💞

  14. Amy's entire opinion was discredited when he voted in favour of planned parent hood.

  15. Klobuchar is an angry hack of a politician. Too bad she is so partisan.

  16. The only women that deserve to be assaulted are the ones who lie about it and the ones who are complicit. Karma is a bitch bitches

  17. The dumbest thing about the Kavanaugh appointment, by her and the other democrats, was how they complained about how all the information they wanted got "dumped" on them overnight, and they didn't have time to look at it all… Lol. It's a dumb argument because the democrats had already pledged to vote "NO" against ANYONE that Trump nominated. They "literally" had a letter typed out, stating they objected to the nominee, with a line for the name to be filled in later. So what did they care about the lack of time to read the info? They were voting against him, and anyone else, no matter what. They each got their "no" vote, so what is the problem?

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