Amiens Cathedral: Construction Sequence

Amiens Cathedral: Construction Sequence

Construction from 1220 to 1225 Master Robert de Luzarches began work on the foundations and lower wall. He may have been assisted by Thomas de Cormont. Years 1225 to 1230 Master Robert de Luzarches and Thomas de Cormont constructed the south nave aisle rapidly to provide space for liturgical celebrations. Years 1230 to 1235 Master Robert de Luzarches and Thomas de Cormont built the north nave aisle soon afterwards. Years 1240s to c1250 Master Thomas de Cormont constructed the upper nave and belfries of western towers. Year c1250 Master Thomas de Cormont died having completed the upper nave, begun the upper transept and laid out the lower choir. Years 1250s to 1260s Master Renaud de Cormont completed the upper transept.. .. and upper choir. The axial window of the choir clerestory was installed in 1269. Years 1280s to c1310 Main roof installed from east to west. Years 1360s to c1400 Construction of west towers. Old steeple destroyed by lightning in 1528. onstruction of the grand clocher doré completed c1533.

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  1. merci beaucoup tres interessant deja dans mes favoris .

  2. This may seem like a stupid question but how did they filter out rain water?

  3. Hi, which software did you used to make the plan ?

  4. I want to know the hymns which has been sung in this video…. Please

  5. I have Question : is Gothic architecture superior to Ancient Roman and Renaissance architectures ?

  6. I think I'm crying. It's that splendid.

  7. I find myself in love with ancient greek and rome, victorian, ghotic architecture….we need to go back to that architecture, I'm sick of this glass modern bullshit….

  8. Amazing: the Middle Age Cathedrals are incredible artefacts and masterpieces: for those people it never was a matter of time like for us. Thanks for making & uploading it!

  9. Notre Dame é um ícone da humanidade, são 800 anos de passado
    e que presenciaram muitas  transformações
    na história da Europa e do mundo. Restaurar esse patrimônio é uma ação urgente
    !!!  O homem sem a sua história, ele não
    é nada !

  10. Beautifully done.

  11. What's the foundation like?

  12. Do you have one about Notre-Dame of Paris?

  13. It doensnt quite add up… the outer columns should be build first and then the inner columns

  14. Ah, you use the software to unhide the 3d model. Those who expect seeing realistic construction steps (me) are left disappointed.

  15. People have worked hard.

  16. So they had Giant 3D printers niceeeee

  17. polarized < | / ) .. | ` |equalized and righteous because | / Break

  18. every church has its own beginning and end .. do you think showcases are mosaic !?

  19. The best animated construction I have ever seen!!! Could you please do the animated construction of Westminster Abbey?

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