America Was Founded on Freedom Not Slavery

America Was Founded on Freedom Not Slavery

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  1. America was founded on Islam

  2. You make a good point though.
    Yet the same Jewish and Christian teachings were already used in reinforcing slavery by using religious their books to demean the people they held as slaves.

  3. “No country in history has fought for the liberty of others as much as America has”

    Translate: no country in history has fought for global imperialism, oil, capital, installing dictatorships in other countries as much as America has

  4. Is that video progress bar thing Fruit stripes gum?

  5. Brazil was the nation founded on slavery.

  6. This is a straw man argument. It's like saying Great Britain was built on a stiff upper lip.

  7. Didnt britain push for the end of slavery while america held onto it?

  8. Slavery never ended, it changed

  9. Africa practices slavery today.

  10. You do realise that your president is Trump right? If the elected president is a reflection of the society who elected him, what does this say about America? You guys have open the gates to everyone in the name of your definition of freedom and there are still people who are ostracized because they don't fit the "american standard". Slavery is a crucial part of American history and by extend the World History. Its practice have impacted countless future generations, even after Lincoln and the Civil War. You say that Americans died in the name of freedom, but have you asked how many black lives were lost for the same cause? Stop pretending that Slavery never happened or that America is or was morally superior in any point in time. Even before slavery, think on whose land did you built your country on.

  11. Stop rewriting history

  12. So because everyone else had slavery let’s ignore ameriKKKa’s participation??? I thought ameriKKKans believed in exceptionalism. We should be exceptional and establish a constitution created by representatives of ALL groups.

  13. Very shallow “analysis”

  14. Actually the British founded America

  15. Thank goodness for Prager University. You speak the truth. We must all hope that most Americans will be open to these truths, feel gratitude for their great good luck in being born here, and refuse to join in the drumbeat of criticism and hate that emanates from the left. Keep up your wonderful work!!

  16. Lets admit slavery did assistant to a certain degree

  17. It's not true. King Kazimierz The Grate abolished slavery in Poland in XIV century. Polisch nation is a freedom freeks – but most of last 200 hundred years were slave by other countries and systems. Today neobolshevics revolution's rise in our country too.

  18. Actually America was built and founded upon the genocide of the native American people.

  19. Remind me again which other country on the planet wanted to keep slavery so badly they went to war over it?


  21. Pseudo intellectual and whiny snowflake pathological liar shapiro……sigh.
    Just sad and pathetic at this point.

  22. The West fought to end slavery in its own lands and then forced the islamic world to end slavery

  23. Sadly, slavery still continues. Progressives still are kept locked in their brains thinking that every other person, not of their political beliefs are evil

  24. Yeah, freedom for Anglo-White men only.

    Asian men are not fully accepted as members of USA society.

  25. Slavery is the defining factor of other countries that still practice it, like Africa.

  26. America was built on slavery!! America is also the major power that made slavery globally looked at as wrong and unacceptable.

  27. Liberals love to promote the slavery story to control and manipulate people and of course and most importantly, to virtue signal

  28. Your information on the USA being the least racist country is flat out false. Take Suriname for example. The USA has a very long way to go before they reach that level of societal integration

  29. The Bible was used to justify slavery all throughout history. So how was it a factor in abolishing slavery?

  30. I normally don't like Benny, but I have to somewhat agree with him about this one! The US fought for a good reason against the "Dixies", in order to abolish slavery in all of America! However, nowadays you see some people struggling in their life, even if they have multiple jobs, and nobody really wants to help them! Everyone, who has at least one (legitimate) job or more, deserves to have a good life (unless you spent all your earned money into drugs, alcohol, hookers and other nonsense stuff like a 1000$ laptop for example)!

  31. This video is completely spinning the truth. I've never heard anyone say America built on slavery with the exception of this video. I don't know about Dennis praeger but when I was learning American history school they didn't teach that America was built on slavery. I was taught that America was built on freedom, freedom from religion, tyranny, and persuasion, and I went to a public school. So I don't know where Dennis Praeger went to school. Because he has gotten history wrong. Another thing he got wrong was that America wasn't the first to abolish Slavery England was way before America we didn't abolish slavery until after the civil war. Every fifth grader knows that, so why doesn't PragerU know that. I think they do know that but they are spinning the truth to support their argument that Liberals are Anti-American. Well PragerU if you think Liberals are Anti-American then you think the founder of the Republican party is Anti-American because Abraham Lincoln was considered a Liberal in his time. Don't believe me look it up. But you probably won't because you already this but you won't admit it because it would be saying that you not only spin the facts but you out right lie about the facts. I like to hear your reply but I probably won't.

  32. America isn't a "Judeo-Christian" nation. We have a separation of church and state via the Establishment clause in the Constitution. Plus many proponents of slavery used the bible as justification for slavery. America has also fought to take away the liberty of others via certain foreign policy acts. Lithuania abolished slavery in 1588 although serfdom continued on. France abolished slavery before the USA, hell Haiti has, and in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna, Prussia, Russia, Spain, Austria, France, Portugal and Britain declared its opposition to slavery. Hell it took till 1865 for the US to put into the Constitution the 13th amendment. When Mr. Prager states that "Every civilization in world history practiced slavery" that is not 100% true. The Persian empire as a whole did not partake in mass slavery.

  33. Nah bitches it was slavery, accept it and move on.

  34. Ben "mass legal immigration" Shapiro, another from the tribe trying to undermine society by posing as a conservative, yet he isnt interested in preserving western culture, he wants cheap labor from S.America first.

  35. So are we just ignoring the racism against the Chinese, Irish, and Germans when they first came to the country? and how we were the only nation to have a succession just for keeping slaves? and how we abolished slavery 60 years after the other economically slave dependant countries?

  36. America was indeed founded on slavery. It was because cry baby Protestants couldn't handle the Church of England so they ran off to another land even if it meant selling yourself into slavery on purpose, called indentured servitude.
    To this day we live in slavery, only it's now wage slavery from a messed up system called Capitalism.
    Complaining and demanding things become better than they are now, doesn't mean you're Anti-American. Quite the opposite. We're the only country who can dare dream the American Dream, of one day no one like you ever has to complain and act like you don't need anyone but yourself.That we work together rather than this garbage divide and conquer both you and the so called liberals shout.

  37. Well said! Let us not forget that Sin is what enslaves people and nations. When a Nation does not practice righteousness there can be no liberty.

  38. if you want to feel full racism. come to south east asia. US have better tolerance toward all those minority

  39. lets face it, he is actually retarded. Why do people let him speak? When will he learn that you can't just make things up as you go? because just like he put it, facts don't care about your feelings.

  40. You’ve done it again Ben!

  41. America was founded on fortnite

  42. Dr. Condoleezza Rice said that, ""we forget in the United States how long it has taken us to make 'We the People' mean people like me. And indeed, I do think that America was born with a birth defect; it was slavery."

  43. Not a huge fan of Ben, but he is 100% correct in this matter

  44. I can't believe you left out the alarming fact that there is ACTUAL SLAVERY happening right now in many countries in Africa and the Middle east. RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  45. My parents and school brainwash me into thinking the U.S is bad. I told my parents I’m joining the Marines but they said I shouldn’t serve my country because it’s the most evil country. People don’t know how good they have it in America. 🇺🇸

  46. First of all you left out the fact that what made American slavery different from most of the world is that in America almost every slave was black while almost every slave owner was white which is one of the reasons Amerocans today make such a big deal about it. In addition to that you claimed that America was morally better than any other society in the world which is a outrageous claim to make without sourcing any sources considering how many societies there are and how much research you would have to do in order to determine which one was the best morally. Lastly the idea of what's moral varies from person to person so even if you did thoroughly research the culture and daily lives of every society that had existed back then it would be incredibly difficult to determine which one was the best morally and your idea of which society was the most moral would definently differ from what a lot of other people think is the most moral society. In fact I am personally going to research EVERY civilization that existed back then, judge them by my definition of moral as well as what the modern American society defines as moral then I am going to reveal which are the most moral under those ideas of morality with links to all of my sources into the comment section of this comment just to show you how it's done.

  47. America is only the 58th most free country in the world

  48. When he started taking, I checked my playback speed because I thought someone had set it to 1.75.

  49. What the hell is wrong with this video's aspect ratio?

  50. 1:48 that is factually incorrect. The bible was often sourced to legitimize slavery. Non-Christian states ended slavery before Christ was born.

  51. I'm from Spain. And I agree that USA (USA is only a piece of America) was founded more on freedom than on slavery. But long before USA, the Spanish empire never legally allowed slavery in all its territory (while the rest of European countries allowed it legally). USA was great, is great and will be great without the need to lie about important facts of history and geography. Thanks.

  52. I am the United States of America, and I approve this message.

  53. Thanks for the video 👍🏾👍🏾

  54. The fact that other civilizations practiced slavery makes it ok

  55. Everytime I debunk this video they take it down when I use actual facts smh this is just sad that they deceiving people

  56. America is certainly based on slavery. US has a biggest debt on the world. Poor Americans.

  57. What a load. America was founded on Might Makes Right, also known as Manifest Destiny for all the right wingers unwilling to admit the truth.

  58. This video is a lie and is intellectually dishonest.

    Tell me why:

    1. Blacks, women, and other minorities didn't have their 1st, 2nd, 4th, 13th, 14th amendments enforced until the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Yes some states such as Mississippi never ratified the 13th amendment until 2013.

    2. Why didn't the United States didn't immediately abolish slavery after the Revolutionary War?

    3. Why did legalized segregation aka Jim Crow happen from 1896-1968? Jim Crow still goes on but it is economic.

    4. Why didn't Native Americans get their full rights until 1978?

    5. Why were Native American children forced into boarding schools in the early 20th century?

    6. Why was Black Wall street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and few other successful minority (not just black) businesses ruined?

    7. Why were the Italians, Irish, and European Jews discriminated against in the early 20th century?

    8. Why were Native Americans forced out of the east coast via Trail of Tears?

    9. Why were Sioux massacred in Wounded Knee, South Dakota?

    10. Why did the Southern states break away back in 1861?

    11. Why did Alabama (2000) and South Carolina (1998) recently overturned the old jim crow laws that prohibited interracial marriages?

    12. Why are POC still racially profiled to death?

    13. Why is everything the "Left", "the left", "the left" when people point out bad of the country? In order to correct the mistakes and to be a great country, we have to see our dark moments and learn from them.

    America was not build on freedom. It takes every 100 years for progress. Even to this day, we are slowly and reluctantly are progressing.

  59. You must be on crack. How the hell you can say you got freedom but you slave. If you tried to leave you were beaten or killed. Put crack pipe or meth down cause you stupid

  60. I can’t say I agree with that line of thought. To downplay the past by saying that America learned from its mistakes and that what we have was a work of hundreds of years of progress is like saying a person should forgive a family member or a bully for physically and mentally abusing them, but they’re a better person now because they understand that it was wrong and they’ve matured.

  61. Q: Why does Ben Shapiro talk at two times normal speed?
    A: His mouth only has two SIDES.

  62. Dennis ,you are an American treasure , thank you ,Cheers !

  63. Yeah tell that to the slaves

  64. Hey y’all, I’m not affiliated with any political party, but I’m a black male. Here’s what I think of this video and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

    I agree that America was FOUNDED on freedom, but I would also make the argument that it was BUILT on slavery.

    We can’t always take one word to be synonymous with another. The whole reason we have different words, even though they might seem the same, is because they have slightly different meanings and connotations. When you’re talking about politics it’s extremely important to know what you’re saying and what others are saying, versus what you and others mean.

    I’ve you’ve read this far, I’d appreciate your thoughts, no matter your political stance, as long as they are backed up by facts and sound logic. Thanks! 😁

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