All in one – Roofers Safety Harness Kit from Climbrite – A closer look

Check out this all-in-one roofers safety
harness kit from Climbrite. In the backpack you’ll find a fully adjustable
harness with front and rear fall arrests. 1 x 15m long, 11mm diameter,
polyester kernmantle rope for extended life. So you won’t have any more bird
nesting with those cheaper three strand ropes. A manual rope grab for ascending
and descending slopes and if you slip and fall it will instantly and
automatically lock into place. From that manual rope grab is this energy
absorbing lanyard and the way that works is that when you do fall that unravels
itself and takes a lot of the shock out of the fall. The kit contains an additional 2m energy absorbing lanyard rated at 22 kilonewtons of load 30 kilonewtons of
braking force that’s more than 3,000 kilograms of force. Two alloy steel screw
gate carabiners. Three snap hooks with two point contact to open so you’ll
never accidentally release yourself. Also there’s also a two metre attachment
strap which is great for wrapping around or through anchors. There’s also a couple
of additional shoulder strap pads or added comfort. The shock absorbing
lanyards and harness are certified highly rated and meet all the legal
requirements for use on-site in Australia. It’s worth noting that
certified safety equipment like this kit has a shelf life and so it’s better to
get it sooner rather than later so you get the maximum use and value for your
kit. There you have it that’s the Climbrite Roofers Safety Harness Kit. It has
everything you need to stay safe working on a roof or at height. Hit me up if you
have any questions below and until next time I’m Tim and you’re watching Sydney
Tools TV

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