5 Metal Roofing Myths Busted

5 Metal Roofing Myths Busted

– Tell me if you’ve heard these before. Do metal roofs attract lightning? Are metal roofs noisy when it rains? Today on Metal Roofing 101, we debunk some of the most
common metal roofing myths. (rock music) Welcome everyone, I’m Thad Barnette. And today we are explaining and debunking five of the most common
metal roofing myths. If you’ve heard other metal roofing myths, comment below and we’ll check those out in a future video. Alright , let’s do this. First myth, lightning is
attracted to metal roofs. So lightning is unpredictable
and really hard to measure, but it’s clear that metal
objects do not attract lightning. Small metal objects on the ground, and that includes your roof, are too insignificant
to directly influence the location of a strike. The main factor is the
location of the storm itself. And if your metal roof was
to be struck by lightning, it would even have an advantage
over other roofing types because it is non-combustible, meaning it won’t catch fire or explode like shingles or wood might. And if lightning is a
concern in your area, you can get a lightning protection system that helps channel
electricity from the strike to the ground so it doesn’t
damage your building. Second myth, metal roofs are noisy. Is metal roofing loud during a rain storm? Well, yes and no. It depends on your
building and configuration. If you’re talking about
open framing on a barn or some other agricultural
application like that, then sure, rain can potentially get loud. But if you’re talking about a house with insulation and maybe an attic space, then that rain is gonna
be less noticeable. It might even be just as quiet, or quieter than other roofing types. So your installer should
be able to direct you on how to reduce rain noise for your roof. Third myth, all metal roofs
develop red rust over time. When most metal comes into
contact with oxygen and water, they oxidize and form some sort
of rust or patina over time. But that doesn’t always
mean that typical red rust that you think about. For example, copper doesn’t rust. It develops a protective patina that can be bluish green or
other colors like dark bronze, and that depends on your
location and other factors. Zinc also develops a patina
called zinc carbonate. And that helps it to resist corrosion. Aluminum doesn’t red rust either. It develops a white rust, and that can blend better
with the color of the metal. Now steel, that’s the main roofing type that can develop red rust. But formulations like galvalume are coated in materials
like aluminum and zinc, which can resist corrosion, have self-healing properties, and help reduce the
effects of rust over time. Fourth myth, metal roofs dent easily. Now, people are often concerned that as soon as the first hail storm rolls through their neighborhood, their metal roof is gonna
be covered in dents. In reality, metal roofing
doesn’t dent easily. And systems that are tested
for impact resistance, and hold a UL2218 class four rating have the greatest chance
of standing up to hail. And of course, the possibility
of denting increases as the size and quantity
of hail stone increases, but that’s true for any roofing type. Fifth myth, metal roofs
hold heat in the summer. Metal can potentially hold heat in the sun for long periods of time. Just touch any car hood
in 95 degree weather and you’ll know what I mean. But that doesn’t necessarily hold true for metal roofing anymore. This is because technology has improved to develop cool metal roofing. Cool metal roofing panels
are highly emissive, meaning they release absorbed heat quickly and return to their regular
temperature quickly. These panels are also highly reflective so that they can absorb
less heat to begin with. Alright guys, so those
are some of the top five metal roofing myths in
the industry right now. If you’ve heard these or other myths, let me know in the comments below. Becoming an educated and informed consumer is important to help
separate fact from fiction. So if you wanna learn
more about metal roofing subscribe here to the
metal roofing channel and check out our free resources on As always, I’m Thad Barnette and I’ll catch you next time.

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  1. We get these all the time. Thanks for setting people straight!

  2. I've been putting Steelers on for 38 years and you did a very good job explaining everything good job

  3. METAL roofing over pressure treated fir strips? Will treat salts in wood rust through back side of uncoated back metal? Roof screws w gasket, ok for treated strips? My treated deck requires special coated screws, what to use on medal roof into treated strips? My supplier has no info. Logic says a problem putting steel against salts?

  4. What's not a myth is that insurance companies may not cover hail damage to metal roofs if the functionality hadn't been impaired. So you could end up with a beat up roof and no coverage.

  5. Getting a metal roof in the next couple of months. I hear they interfere with cell phone reception and Wi-Fi.
    Myth or fact would love to know facts

  6. Wow, first few seconds – "metal objects not attract lightening. Wow, stop right there, does this guy ever heard of Lightening Rod? After this I don't know if anything at all is true, even if I know nothing about it.

  7. Great information especially since I just put up a metal roof on my shed.

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