3D wall painting | 3d wall texture new design ideas | 3d wall decoration effect 2019

3D wall painting | 3d wall texture new design ideas | 3d wall decoration effect 2019

Hello Guys My name’s Shakeel Bhatti and I’ll teach you how To Draw Take a ruler and make a rectangular box of 14X8 inches and mark the middle point of the box that’ll be 4″ SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY LIKE COMMENT SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS NEW VIDEO UPLOADED Now lets get back to the video, Mark the upper and lower portion of the box in its middle, that’ll be 7″ *__* Now connect points side-wise Now make a 3″ line on the inside of the diamond Now draw a line in the middle of the inward diamond Now cut the extras The end piece will look like this Take a HB2 pencil or a temporary marker And start drawing the shapes on the wall To make the cube look draw the shape like shown in the video Be patient it’ll take time Through patience, great things are accomplished. – Imam Ali (A.S) But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. – Romans 8:25 Making art takes a really long time and effort PLEASE LIKE The Cube within Cube will look like this Comment below Do the same on entire wall Thanks for the love & Support Tell us from where you guys are watching us use #Idealfam on the comments and tell us where you’re from and get a shoutout on the latest video We’re from Pakistan what about you guys Almost done SECOND SHAPE MADE!! The Wall will look like this Pretty Dope Ain’t it Wide view Now Just add Dimension to it Make it look like a Cube Ya’ll Much Better GET YOU BRUSHES GUYS MAKE YOUR PAINT READY Side-view -__- Start painting with your Desired color scheme Use acrylic Paints Give it a nice and methodical strokes Pro tip: Use Same color with different shades to give cube a blow WIDEEERR SIDE-VIEW -__- Now a lighter shade on outer areas Giving some looks

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