3CE STYLENANDA MAKEUP HAUL: Mood For Blossom & Soft Nude Collection

3CE STYLENANDA MAKEUP HAUL: Mood For Blossom & Soft Nude Collection

As you guys saw from the intro a couple days ago I went to celebrate 3CE’s 10th anniversary And it was a lot of fun to see all of the products laying out there. There were games, popcorn, drinks But most importantly we had some amazing performances by DPR Live and Crush and those two artists I really enjoy seeing. I feel like I’ve seen them live many times before and now I think Crush is the artist that I saw most live and I just feel like he gets better and better each time I really enjoy his performances. He has such a beautiful voice Anyway today I decided to film a 3CE make-up haul and share with you guys the swatches and share the new collection And actually, there are two This one right here. This is the 3CE Soft Nude as well as the 3CE Mood For Blossom I received the Mood For Blossom line a couple of weeks ago so I have been playing around with it And I also saw a lot of youtubers review this line And for Soft Nude I received at the event with some accessories So let’s start with the Soft Nude And because this might be new for a lot of you guys And first we have this foundation right here And this is in the shade Ivory When I first saw this, I immediately thought that it will not be my color But once I applied it on my skin it matched perfectly I’m not a fan of liquid foundations because they often feel heavy on the skin But this one does have a weightless formula and the coverage is decent Would I continue using this? I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I am a huge fan of the Hourglass Vanish foundation stick So I’m probably gonna stick with that and just keep this one in my vanity Or give it to someone with this shade and likes 3CE base make-up Moving on, we have the blush cushion and When I first saw this box set I thought that all the colors were going to be nude, but it’s not This is in Down Coral and it’s actually one of my favorite colors for the cheek Umm, I usually mix a bunch of my blush colors so that my cheeks will look like this Blush cushions, for me, I realized that you only need one layer of it because The liquid formula just transfers over to the skin a lot easier than powder form and is very easy to blend So if you put more on the left side you can Transfer over to the right and blend it so that it matches Next we have the triple shadow in Soft Bold and these three colors are perfect for people who like to go for a natural basic make-up look You can definitely work around with these colors Very versatile and I feel like they’re very wearable, like everyday colors Next we have the lipsticks in Nude Step and Iliana Rose And when I first saw the packaging, I really thought they were going to be nude lip colors But they’re the perfect shade of MLBB Moving on to Mood For Blossom Let’s start with the nail polishes And I wanna start with the nail polishes because When I filmed the swatches I wanted my nails to be pretty so I was painting my nails With these and they’re very clear. I wasn’t reading about the nail polishes They actually sent me instructions in Korean just in case I was curious and Now when I read it it says that they are almost transparent. But if you layer it the color show But I actually wanted my nails to look like this color right here Um, it comes in coral, pink and peach and If I have the patience, I would probably layer it until I get the color that I want But the reason why I get gel nails is because it quickly dries and they last longer And this time around I want to let my nails breathe because I’ve been going to the nail salon For gel nails back and forth and it’s really not good for the nails So I wanted to use these and I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty disappointed because they’re just so transparent But if you’re one of those people who like to layer nail polishes, this might be a good option for you They’re 5,000 won each and I mean the colors are so pretty I just wish that they weren’t so transparent and jelly like Moving on we have the eye palette and this is in Beach Muse Now you guys all know how much I love the 3CE eyeshadow palettes I’m- I grew to love them because it’s super easy to use I love the formula. They’re very smooth and pigmented I will say when I saw these colors I immediately thought of my mom because she prefers using pink I really like going for the browns as well as burgundy So this palette I’m gonna give to her because she also really likes the 3CE eyeshadows Next we have the face blushes and when I opened the box These are the products that I was most interested in trying mainly because I’ve been so obsessed with my blush Trio from 3CE and I feel like the reason why I like 3CE blushes so much is that they’re very layerable So if you’re not satisfied with one color You can layer it super easily and it won’t shift your foundation If anything they kind of mattify the skin as you’re applying the blushes And I just love the colors I received five of their slim velvet lip colors and I will say I am obsessed with the formula First we have Cotton Up Gotta Sing Hold On Muse Filter and Peach Play All these colors are super pigmented You don’t need a lot of layers of it and I really like the velvety finish and the slim packaging I am obsessed with. It’s not too bulky. It’s a lot easier for me to carry around in my smaller purses They also gifted accessories and samples. So in here, there’s a mini mirror As well as Mini lipsticks for like some of their popular lip colors They have Smoked Rose here I believe. Yep this color right here. I actually have the full size I think I have like three of these. I just love these colors If you guys were ever curious about my favorite 3CE lip color I’d have to stay Smoked Rose is on my list And here is also a foam cleanser sample And then for accessories I received their pouch as well as their hand mirror It’s a mini mirror I thought they were going to have confetti on it But it’s just a smaller version of the big 3CE Mood Recipe mirror that I own And then for the pouch It’s a mesh pouch and I love this color It’s perfect for travel because it’s see-through and I’m probably gonna use it when I go to LA soon So yeah, that was my 3CE haul I hope you guys enjoyed this video and the swatches You guys will be definitely seeing these products in my upcoming videos Especially since I’m obsessed with their lip products and for cheeks as well Thank you all so much for watching I’ll make sure to link everything in the description box as always and I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye, have a Joan Day!

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