3 Ways to Frame Canvas Panels

3 Ways to Frame Canvas Panels

Framing a canvas panel is a little bit
trickier than framing a regular canvas and that’s because there’s nothing to
really screw into. So, you have to take a different approach. Today I’m going
to show you three different ways to frame a canvas panel or a wood panel.
Okay, the first way to frame one of these paintings is to buy a frame that’s
made for flat panels like this so there’s a typical frame but there’s a
piece of wood here. They recommend and silicone adhesive and you just put a
couple drops in each corner and you set it down in there and you let it dry. It
takes like three hours to dry then you’re all set.
And it’s nice because your painting doesn’t get covered by the edge of the
frame. So that’s the first way to frame a canvas panel. You can search online for
plein air painting frames and that’s where I got this was online. So that’s probably
the easiest way to frame a canvas panel. The next way to frame a canvas panel is
just to use a typical standard frame. So this is a solid maple frame
I bought the sections and I assembled it, but you can buy one that’s already
assembled. And you just buy one that’s the exact same size as your panel this
is 8 by 10 inches and you just drop it in there. The way that you secure it to the
frame is to use points. I have a point driver here. It’s much like a staple gun.
Make sure you wear your safety goggles when you do this. So, if it’s a larger
frame you might need two points per side but since this is smaller
you only need one per side. It doesn’t take very much time at all. and there you go it’s done. I’ve seen
artists use nails to hold the painting in place but that looks unprofessional
and the other advantage of using points is that they’re flexible. So when do you
want to switch the painting out you just blend them back and that will allow you
to pop out the painting. And you can put in a new one. To hold it in place you just bend
them back down and you have a new painting in your frame. The other way to
frame a canvas panel is to buy a floater frame. This is made by ampersand and it’s 8 inches by 8 inches. So there’s the frame. All right so, if I put my panel in there it just drops to the
bottom so they give me some spacers. See this is built for our like a canvas so
you could put a canvas in there and it would be the perfect height. But I’m gonna need
these spacers. It comes with instructions, picture hanging wire. All right, so the
thing about these these blocks is that they’re wider on one side than the other.
So you have to figure out what side should be facing down. So it depends on
how thick your canvas panel is. Now I think I need the taller side so I’ll
flip it around. Yeah that fits much nicer. So what you have to do, and this is
probably the only downside of this, is you have to glue these blocks to the
back of your painting. The thing about wood glue is essentially stronger than
the wood. I don’t if you ever busted off a piece of wood that was glued down, it
will actually rip would probably rip some of this wood with it.
But an alternative is to use silicone adhesive because you can put that down
on there and you could use a utility knife like this and cut it off,
or you might be able to peel it off without really ruining the wood
That’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to use this stuff. Alright so put a
little bit on there. So you could probably eyeball this but
you know, you can also measure it. It’s an inch and a half and the paintings
eight inches so that’s six and a half so it’s three and a quarter per side. I let
the silicone dry overnight then I put the painting in the frame here and
what you want to do is take some of the cardboard from the packaging and you
wedge it into the caps are on the frame that will keep it secure while you turn
it over and you probably want to put down a cloth to protect your painting
and then you have to drill these holes so put your safety glasses on. So you
just screw these in then you take out the cardboard wedges and that’s pretty much done. Now you just
have to put the mounting hardware on the back and what you do is, you want to
measure about a third of the way down the frame. This is nine inches overall so
three inches make sure you got the right side up. They also include some rubber bumpers
for the bottom corners. The final step is just to attach the wire. I usually just
twist it around a bunch of times and then slip it back through the loop. They say you can cut it with scissors
but I would rather use a wire cutter There it is it’s done.

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