3 Things to Remember When Feeling Inferior (How to Feel Worthy)

3 Things to Remember When Feeling Inferior (How to Feel Worthy)

This video will show you three things to remember
when feeling inferior to other people. I’m going to share with you ways of turning
that around so that you feel more confident about yourself and you’re able to really be
who you prefer to be. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I hope people expand
their consciousness on this video. I’m going to be sharing with you some of my
own personal experiences with feeling inferior how I’ve been able to really switch that around
so that I feel confident about myself some able to relate to people in a new way not
necessarily relate to people like I’m better than anybody else but relate to people in
the sense that we are all on the same plane we’re all on the same level. And when we start to look at ourselves like
that that’s where a lot of the power is. Now of course that means also having confidence
in because we must have a strong self image because we understand that when it comes to
our self image it’s a cybernetic mechanism which means however we see our self will always
act consistent to that. And if we see our self is not enough or if
we see ourselves as less than other people we’re going to kind of mold to those experiences
we’re going to find ourselves like kind of being at the effect rather than being at the
cause and the moment we switch that around is the moment we start to gain our power back
so we can still see ourselves as very efficient at what we do we can see ourselves as successful. Does it mean we have to like compare ourselves
and think of other people as unsuccessful it just has to do with understanding and having
confidence in self. You know it’s the idea we feel confident without
arrogance. Arrogance is when we feel better than ever. People confidence and when we just know our
own worth. Now that’s the idea. Now the first thing to remember if you’re
ever feel inferior to other people is that that inferiority complex or feeling that way
is not. In actual fact it is an interpretation of
something that has happened. So this means that say we’re getting a meaning
to a situation. Maybe we got rejected by somebody or maybe
we went for a job interview and we didn’t get the job. The idea is that we can look at that situation. The only time we’re really going to feel that
feeling of insecurity in futurity is the idea of when we are given it the meaning that saying
that this is who I am. This meaning has so much weight over my life. But if we realize that the meaning we give
it can be something that we reframe. So there’s a lot of lot of power in reframing. That’s where we start to gain our power back. So say that we said you know in the larger
scope of my life this is probably a very good thing because I never know where that could
end up. I could end up getting a better job in the
future. I could end up finding something that I’m
even more passionate about. And then when I look back at the situation
I’m very grateful it happened. You see we reframe it in the present moment. If somebody had rejected you the idea is that
what you can do is you can reframe the meaning. You could say you know what I had the balls
to go up to somebody else and introduce myself or talk to them. Who else would do that. You can look at yourself and say you know
maybe there’s so many other people out there that I would have been wasting my time but
that one person so I’m glad that it aligned that way. So you see reframe it in the present moment. And as you reframe it you start to feel totally
different about it you see meaning comes from what we put in what we give to we give them
meaning in their life depending upon our perspective. And if we change that meaning we change the
way we feel about it and we change just about everything. So realize first off that if you’re feeling
that way it is not an actual fact that you are inferior. It is simply an interpretation of an event
and interpretation of something that has happened or of some type of meaning that we’re giving
in our life and if we switched the meaning we switch to just about everything. The second thing to remember if you are feeling
inferior to other people is that that is coming from comparison. That means that we’re saying that this is
how we rank against this person. I understand a lot of us have been conditioned
to think this way because of the media because of the magazines we have because you know
we have these models that look a certain way in our intention or our desire is to just
be good enough so that we can be exactly like them. That’s our goal. We get you know pitched all of these ideas. We get these magazine covers. We get these commercials that show us how
we should be. They set that barrier. This is the barrier of how you should be. And then if we measure up anything less than
that we feel inferior. But the idea is to realize first off that
you can’t be compared. You are unique for who you are you are in
a way that sounds funny but a special snowflake. There is nobody else like you. And because there is nobody else like you
you can’t really compare yourself to anyone else. Now think about it in the scale we have the
scale and we are not better than anybody else. We are not below anybody else. We are simply our selves and because we are
unique we cant really be compared. So the way to get through this is to first
off take out your self from comparing yourself to other people. And any time you find yourself going back
that comparison and comparing yourself you know this friend I grew up with is doing this
well and this friend I grew up with is doing less better than me. So I should feel good about myself. Realize that that’s a copout that what you
can do is put the awareness back within and focus on generating the emotions from within. You have the ability to feel whole and complete
with just yourself with just the way you feel about yourself with just the focus of I am
already whole and complete. And then when you look to other people you
see them as having their own experience and knowing that you can’t really compare yourself
to them because it’s just a matter of knowing that that comes from within that comes from
a matter of self awareness more so than anything else. So realize that everyone is doing the best
they can from where they are. Everyone makes decisions based on their own
level of rationalization. And when we begin to understand this we see
that we are unique we are special we are already whole and complete and the only way we will
ever feel that is from the awareness that that is who we are. So then we start to take ourselves out of
the comparison mode. The social conditioning that says that this
is the bear the bar where we have to be we must be this perfect model. Look this weight have this body weight image
have the self image that you are already whole and complete by knowing you’re doing the best
you can in the present moment take action doing what you want to do and know that it’s
coming from an action it’s coming from that place of already feeling whole and complete. Now the third thing to remember if you’re
ever feeling inferior is that it’s coming from Focus. It’s coming from a momentum of focus. We’re sick. We’re just we’re focused on these things that
have happened in the past. We’re focused on these things that are happening
right now and that focus is on something that’s not serving us that’s on something an interpretation
that’s not serving us and understand that whatever we focus on will grow. So if we’re focused on times that we failed
in the past we are recreating those. And that emotion in the present moment. And then as we project ourselves into the
future and as we are taking action what we’re doing is we are tailoring carrying that weight
with us. We’re carrying that and that’s becoming a
part of our experience. So all we have to do is start to shift our
focus is start to shift our focus from not what we don’t want and not what the things
that we regret are but shifted to the present moment and what actions we can take right
now. And knowing that as we focus on what we want
as we focus on our outcome we’re going to start to feel more confident. So this is about a matter of momentum. There is so much power and momentum. If you’re feeling any negative emotion whatsoever
it’s coming from a recycling of those thoughts over and over again but we think on average
about 60 to 70 thousand thoughts a day and of those over 90 percent of the recycled from
the day before. And the idea is that the most powerful thing
that we can do is reprogram our subconscious mind by having repetition in a new perspective. And I created a subconscious mind meditation
that you can listen to right before you go to bed. You can listen to this throughout your day
maybe once or twice take a break and listen to it. And what this does is this refocuses you on
the perfect parts of yourself this refocuses you on having the beliefs that are necessary
are taking the action that is necessary on generating the motion that is necessary to
be the perfect version of yourself. This is this change my life I give away for
free. It’s in the description box right below you’ll
see a link there go ahead and download that and P3 and use it every day and I promise
you you will start to change your subconscious mind to remember that all you have to do is
first all know that you cannot be compared to other people that we are not better than
anybody else. We are not below anybody else. We simply are whole complete already and unique. Remember secondly that anytime we feel inferior
to other people that’s coming from a belief and a giving up power to the meaning of certain
things that have happened it is not an actual fact that we are inferior. It’s simply an interpretation of something
that happens if we reframe it by looking at it in a new way. We will start to generate a new type of emotion. And then thirdly it’s coming from momentum
of focus. If we put the focus instead of out there but
more of ourselves and how we’re already whole and complete we will start to find evidence
of that whatever we focus on will grow. And the idea is to focus on what actually
serve. So with that being said our guys join this
video Feel free to download that subconscious mind meditation below it is absolutely free. It is my gift to you. Other than that I hope you guys enjoyed this
video. Feel free to like his video if you like it
subscribe if you haven’t already hit that little note. Vacation gear so that you’re able to see the
daily vids that I do and other than I will see you guys on the next vid. Peace much love. Nounless day.

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