3 Powerful Roofing SEO Tips To Help You Rank On Google

3 Powerful Roofing SEO Tips To Help You Rank On Google

So you tried the whole SEO thing, and it’s
not quite working out for you, is it? Watch this video for my simple way for you
to rank on Google. Here’s the deal Mr. Roofer, for the best advice
on generating roofing needs online, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification
bell to be notified when I drop a new video every Wednesday. *mumbling *mumbling …two months. If you’re struggling to see results with local
SEO for your roofing company, by the end of this video, I’ll share with you three strategies
that will get you up those rankings in no time. Last year alone, I helped dozens of roofing
companies rank for roofing related keywords on Google, on page one and now I’m going to
share it with you. So strategy number one, start small. The number one mistake that I see when people
going after a local SEO is they try to target big cities. That is a huge mistake simply because it can
take you forever, and your website hasn’t generated enough authority from the internet
to be able to rank within those big cities. And so what I highly recommend that you do
instead, it started targeting the smaller areas around the major city. That way you have a chance of ranking within
those smaller areas, as opposed to the no chance that you have a ranking within that
large major area. So ideally you want to target areas that have
a population between 50,000 and a 100, 000 people, that way you’re able to get those
rankings up there in a matter of three to six months is a good sweet spot that I’ve
seen between those areas. And you’re still able to generate 20 plus
phone calls every single month by you investing within those small areas. Once you’ve established yourself in one small
area, you want to then move over to another small area, and then another small area, and
that way you’ve established some authority on Google. And then and only then should you go after
the major area, once you’ve established yourself in the surrounding areas, that way you have
a much higher chance, a much higher fighting chance of ranking within that major city. And I know some of you guys have been going
at it for months, so comment down below. Let me know, how many months have you been
struggling with your local SEO? How much months has it taken for the company
that you hired, or if you do it yourself, how many months has it been since you started
your local SEO, and what kind of results have seen? Let me know in the comments below. Strategy number two, build separate landing
pages and Google my business listings per location. So now that you’re going after each individual
smaller area, you need to build a page dedicated to homeowners or building owners, wherever
your target audiences. You want to build separate pages for those
areas, so that you can target them individually because people in area A are not going to
be able to find you if you’re not targeting them. If you’re only targeting people in area B,
but again guys, one step at a time. Don’t build a crap ton of pages all at the
same time. You want to build one page, establish yourself
in that area. Once you start to see the phone calls in the
form submissions coming into this one particular page, you can then move over to the next one. Otherwise, you’re throwing a ton of resources,
a ton of time at something that you haven’t established yet. So one at a time. And you also want to open up a Google My Business
location within that area, that will help with the locality factor. So you most definitely want to do that. Strategy number three, blog, blog, blog. I can’t stress this enough guys. You need to be adding new content to your
website on a consistent basis. If you’re going to do it once a week, do it
once a week. If you’re going to do it once a month, do
it once a month. But by all means guys, stay consistent. And you don’t have to think that a blog has
to come in the form of you sitting in front of a computer and typing stuff up. No, you can make videos. Whip out the smartphone, and start recording
yourself. Whenever you’re at a job site, tell me what’s
going on. What do you have going on at the job site? What are you guys doing today? What have you guys found on the roof? What issues are you experiencing? Let me know via blog. You can take a video and then post it to your
website through YouTube. That’s a strategy for you to do on a consistent
basis, and hold yourself accountable to it. Stay committed to making this happen on a
consistent basis. And the key thing here is you want to blog
for that specific location. That way you can link it back to that location
page that you created for your small local SEO. So you’re targeting one place. You’re going to write content about that place,
or create video content about that one area. Once you’ve established that area, move on
to the next area, and then the next area, and all you’re doing is rinsing and repeating,
and that’s going to be able to help you with your local SEO. Now you know three powerful tips that are
going to help you rank on Google for your local SEO. But if you’re looking to set up something
quick and fast, and generate roofing leads for free, then I suggest you download my guide
that’s available for download in the description below, and it’ll show you how to generate
free roofing leads from your Google My Business listing. Roofers that I work with, generate 20 plus
roofing leads from their Google My Business listing alone, and I share that strategy with
you within that downloadable guide. That’s again, available in the description
below. Also, if you want to join a community of roofers
just like yourself, I have a secret mastermind group where I share up to date online roofing
strategies, and help them generate roofing leads online, and help them navigate this
forever changing space. The link for that is also in the description
below. Also, if you liked this video, guys, be sure
to like it, subscribe and share it with your fellow roofers. And let me know in the comments if this video
was helpful in any way, shape or form to you. Just comment the word helpful, that way it’ll
give me an idea as to if I should be making more content like this, so that I’m able to
help you guys generate more roofing leads online. Lastly, don’t forget to hit the notification
bell, so that you’re notified every time I drop a new video every Wednesday. So until then, guys, stay blessed and I will
see you next week.

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