11 Modern A-Frame Houses: Design Ideas

11 Modern A-Frame Houses: Design Ideas

Hello and welcome! You watch channel RunmanReCords Design. Today we show amazing homes and design ideas. Spacious bedroom with sea view. Small, modern kitchen and stylish faucet. Awesome lighting. Small hut, design ideas. Amazing architecture, beautiful interior design. Small dining room and fireplace. A-Frame house in Los Angeles. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design!

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  1. Original and interesting … I liked …

  2. puts a complete new perspective on what I use to think of A framed houses.
    thank you for creating this video

  3. Very open, airy, sunlit

  4. OMG the one on the mountain, fantastic

  5. nice, love them all,

  6. All totally awesome

  7. A lot of dead space but damn does it look nice. Especially the pyramid shaped one!

  8. I made it too. Just used stodoys instructions for that 🙂

  9. No snow load worries

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