πŸ–ŒπŸ”§3D Texture Fades + Faux Patina πŸ”§πŸ–Œ

πŸ–ŒπŸ”§3D Texture Fades + Faux Patina πŸ”§πŸ–Œ

Hi! It’s Heather from Thicketworks, and
today I’m going to share how to use a cool faux patina technique with the new
3d texture fades embossing folders from Tim Holtz. This technique depends on
metallic cardstock, and if you want to make your own I’ll link to the video
that shows you how to do just that! For this demonstration I’ll be using the
“Foundry” 3d embossing folder and also the “Mechanics” 3d embossing folder – both of
which are really cool industrial designs. If you’re using a Sizzix Big Shot or Big
Kick you’ll only need a single cutting plate placed on top of the embossing
folder before you run it through your machine – that supplies plenty of pressure
to create a vivid deep impression. Create as many embossed panels as you’ll need
for whatever project you’re embarking on. I needed quite a few to cover a cigar
box, so I ended up with six panels of each design. If you’re embossing regular
cardstock, make certain to spritz it lightly with water prior to embossing:
that will prevent it from tearing. We’ll begin building up the layers for a fun
faux verdigris effect with archival ink in “Coffee”. This is a nice rich brown that
brings the golden tones of the foil to an even richer depth. Next, I’ll be adding
“Viridian” Archival Ink to give a slight green undertone to the card. For rich
teal accents, I’ll reach for Archival Ink in “Aquamarine” –
that will bring a little more intensity to the final finish… and yep, I’m enjoying
that – that looks nice and rich! To bring in a little bit of grunge next I’m
reaching for Metallic Lustre in “Copper Kettle” – this is a metallic wax similar to
Inca Gold and you just buff it onto the surface with a fingertip. This adds just
a hint of fantasy rust tones to the piece. I’ll follow this same procedure for all
of the little foundry panels, but next I’m going to turn my attention to the
“Mechanics” panels. And this will begin with “Iced Espresso” Metallic Lustre. This
is a rich medium brown metallic wax and it’s going to tone down that gaudy gold
finish! The next layer on this 3d Texture Fade will be Metallic Lustre in “Copper
Kettle” to bring out that sort of rusty feel to portions of each panel…
and now we have a more nuanced finish. Once this wax is set, now I’m going to
come in with the Archival Inks – first in “Viridian” for green accents the next
layer will be “Aquamarine” Archival Ink to bring out those teal highlights. Archival Inks will not fully dry on a
non-porous surface like this metallic cardstock – and we’re going to turn that
to our advantage in just a moment. But meanwhile, I’ll finish up creating all of
the panels needed for my project. The metallic foil can tend to bubble
when a heat source is applied – this doesn’t bother me at all…in fact it adds
to the grunge factor! So when those bubbles appear I just press down with
a piece of chipboard to secure everything in place. Because the Archival
Ink remains moist to the touch, it’s easy to add a layer of Ultra Thick Embossing
Enamel or “UTEE” right over the top…and this will perform two functions for us:
firstly, it will securely bond the Archival Ink to the metallic surface and
secondly, it will create a layer of translucent shininess right over the top –
giving even more luster and interest to these panels. Once you’ve used your 3D
Texture Fades to create these amazing embossed panels, you can do just about
anything you’d like with them. I’m going to be covering a simple cigar box using
3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue from Beacon. it’s easy to attach these panels
securely to just about any substrate. I’m using these panels to create a collage
or mosaic that will cover the majority of the exterior of this box. I’m avoiding
having the panel’s extend all the way to the edges however, that might result in
an uneven and rough finish. So I’m holding those panels shy and allowing a
bit of the original box to remain visible right around the edges.
Once the panels are in place I can come back and trim away any excess and neaten
up the lines left by the edges of the panels. I’m liking the way that the
“Foundry” panels are framing the “Mechanics” panels in the center. For the
sides of the box one panel each of the “Mechanics” design fits perfectly within
the parameters of that sidewall. And we are getting very close to the end
of the mosaic or collage portion of this project.
Just one more mosaic to put in place and that’s for the back of the box and the
focal panel is now framed by two of the smaller foundry panels.
I’m loving the juxtaposition of the textures and the slight variations in
color that we’ve achieved with our faux verdigris technique. The addition of the
UTEE coating just gives this a luster and depth of finish that I adore – bringing
all that exquisite detail to vivid life! The layers of metallic waxes and rich
archival inks create a subtle and beautifully complex finish. I’ll be using
a Sharpie oil-based marker to create a black frame around the edges of the
entire box. I love these markers – you can see it’s
such a rich dark black and because it dries to a semi-gloss finish it has
almost a lacquer feel at the end of the process. As a bonus it dries really
quickly! And there we have it – a great way to use
the new 3d Texture Fades Embossing Folders plus a faux patina technique to
help you really bring them to life. add a few lining papers to the inside
of your box and you have a beautiful presentation piece for a friend or a
treasure box for yourself. If you haven’t yet tried the 3d Embossing Folders from
Tim Holtz I hope you’ll give them a try. There are unlimited possibilities with
these amazing tools! Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. It’s been
a pleasure sharing these techniques with you. Until next time…Bye!

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