πŸ”₯ Baked Texture and IOD Stamps Elegant Grunge Effects πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Baked Texture and IOD Stamps   Elegant Grunge Effects πŸ”₯

Hi! It’s Heather from Thicketworks and
today I’m going to show you how to use Seth Apter’s Baked Texture Embossing
Powders for Artists and Iron Orchid Design Decor Stamps
to create a really cool vintage grungy effect on cheap dollar store tins that
have been given age and soul with Fire Patina! If you’re not familiar with the
bizarre practice of creating Fire Patina, don’t worry, there’s a link in the
description that will take you to a blog post that will explain the whole thing!
Okay, so let’s get started on creating our Baked Texture and Iron Orchid Design
Decor Stamps MAGIC! Gor the first part of this design I’ll be using this large
focal stamp from the “Trompe L’oeil II” set. As you can see, this is an enormous
stamp – amazing! This next section is for those who have never used these
wonderful Iron Orchid Designs Decor Stamps before…I want you to get a
glimpse of how much brute strength is used to de-package these beauties! Pulling
away the upper protective sheet is a real workout – and keep it handy: you’ll
use it to store your stamps safely later. The next phase is actually removing your
chosen stamp from the backing sheet. This process requires brute strength, tenacity
and copious amounts of colorful language! It will feel as though you’re going to
rip the stamp into pieces – but rest assured: it’s made from incredibly tough
polymers. You can see how violently I’m stretching it here, and that’s because
you have to to get it off the backing! But – it will pop right back into shape
and be ready to go without any problems! Because this stamp is so large, I’m using
the extra large Prima Stamp Mount in order to keep everything under
control. You can use a variety of binding media with the Seth Apter Baked Textures,
but for this project I’m reaching for Versamark. And I’ve made certain that my
stamp pad is nice and juicy. Because this impression is being made on the top of a
tin that’s hollow inside, you may want to support that lid before attempting to
stamp onto the surface. That’ll give you a better chance of getting a nice clean
impression. Here, I’ve just tucked a book beneath this tin lid to make it easier
to get that extra sharp impression. Once the design has been transferred to the
metal surface, it’s time to reach for Patina Oxide embossing powder. This is
going to be a perfect match for our beautiful fire patina surface.
I love heat embossing on home decor items – even on furniture! It’s a wonderful
way to bring in permanent (even washable!) decorative elements to your furniture
and your home decor pieces. The Patina Oxide Baked Texture has an
almost color-shift effect once it has been cured. From one angle it looks
almost silver but from another it has a beautiful green patina tint. Now that the
main focal element is in place, we’re going to gussy it up with the addition
of these cute cherubs. This time I’ll be leaving them on the backing sheet – so no
additional colorful language will be required! Using the backing sheet as your
stamp mount gives you a finer ability to control the quality of the impression. I
actually prefer this method. You’ll find that the folks at Iron Orchid Designs
take great care in their packaging and how they arrange the designs on
their backing sheets – often making for a beautiful impression without having to
lift a single stamp off of that sheet. Okay –
our two cherubs are now in place. Now that the lid is finished I’m going to
turn my attention to the sidewalls of this large round tin. And for that I’ll
be reaching for another Iron Orchid Design Stamp Set – this one called “Medium Trims”. I’ve chosen to use this beautiful floral swag border and I’m not going to
mount it on anything at all. I’ll just apply the VersaMark directly to the
raised surface and then (using my hands only) apply it in place around the
circular form. These border stamps are very carefully designed so that you can
create a continuous border which is a really cool feature. You’re not going to
find that on the majority of border stamps created for scrapbooking or card
making for example…and just look at the scale of this border! These stamps are a
big investment initially, but IOD is very careful to give you good value for that
investment. There are (I think) eight borders in this particular pack! Each one
classical, beautiful and timeless. The final result just drips vintage grunge!
Next, I’ll be using “Persephone End” this gorgeous stamp from IOD, coupled with
“Chunky Rust” Baked Texture Embossing Powder on this cool little square tin
that has been given the fire patina treatment. I’m leaving these mirrored
stamps on their backing sheet and then adding a generous layer of VersaMark One
of the reasons that I love leaving these oversized stamps on their backing sheets
when possible, is that you can actually wrap the design around a contoured
surface! You’ll see what I mean here in just a moment.
Once I’ve transferred the large part of the design to the lid of this tin, I can
then (keeping everything carefully in place) tilt the lid up and continue
transferring that design on to the front wall of the tin. Now, it’s gonna be a
grungy result but that’s totally what I’m looking for! For this tin. I’m reaching
for “Chunky Rust” Baked Texture. Combining the grungy look and feel of “Chunky Rust”
with the elegance of the Iron Orchid Design Decor Stamps results in what to
me is just my favorite favorite thing! A blend of feminine elegance and
masculine grunge all brought together in one ornate, decayed, distressed, beautiful
package! Yep…to my eye that’s what a storage container should look and feel
like! It reminds me of precious vintage tins that would be found in an attic or
an old barn somewhere…and to me that is real treasure! And the best part – is this
all began at the Dollar Store! I’m so grateful we have these amazing tools:
Baked Texture and IOD Stamps – a match made in vintage grunge heaven! Thank you
so much for hanging out with me today. Until next time…Bye!

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