🌸 Self Care Tips When Feeling Stuck, Down, and Uninspired

🌸 Self Care Tips When Feeling Stuck, Down, and Uninspired

[ Music ] Hey guys To be uninspired, to be creatively blocked, to be unmotivated is not a sign of weakness – as I’ve previously attributed, and I still, part of me still kind of attributes into that. It’s what it means to be human, right? smile to stay grounded to push through the absent flows and the highs of those of life because life comes in season’s , life comes in cycles it’s a part of the process and it’s part of the journey that we should learn to embrace and not to fight as much so in this video I want show you with you guys 6 things I did to help me come out of this most recent – this creative funk. Before we get started, Thank you so much to Skillshare – for sponsoring this video Skillshare is my favourite online learning community – and site I frequently went – when I feeling stuck or need any some of inspirations They currently offering the first time online sign up 2 months – all free as we just said, The link is down below Let’s get started! Ohh~ The great outdoors – It was my girlfriend’s bachelor weekend In Palm Springs couple weeks ago so I took that as a opportunity to take the solo drive – to the desert from LA It’s not like a 1 and a half hour drive Doesn’t matter if you go outside for a walk Like me right now, moving myself from my safe space And going out outdoors for a nice walk a nice stroller in my neighbourhood Or taking accessible drive or making a day trip out to nature – To the mountains, to the desert, to the ocean – whatever supposes to you There’s so many benefits to being under the sun – So you can get some vitamin D, Breathing some fresh air When you actually outside, when you physically remove yourself – From your save tree house of trust, That is your bedroom Magical things happen to you, because you forget that – I don’t know into me Sometimes I forget that There’s a world out there, it’s not just in here And in my space, or the whole weekend The act – leaving your space to go out to into the world Is also very symbolic in it itself. Taking time to unplug and taking time to wander Also helps your brain to take time to unplug and wander and – Magical beautiful things happen when you let your mind wander Into the deeper, darker purposes of your brain To be like – Okay what are the things that I telling myself “I don’t have time to think about”, “where are the hard questions I’ve been avoiding?” “what are the things that I’ve been telling I’ll get to later?” These things naturally should come out When you give yourself the same space in the environment and the time To be like – “You do you.” As I walk around and wander , ” you can walk around and wonder here too .” consume that content , whole hearted-ly and just guilt free , just shame free just do what you wanna do – watch that movie, binge watch that show, watch that Korean drama – Watch all youtube videos – But , do it intentionally . “How” you ask , I’ll get into it in a second. So when I was driving to and from Palm Springs, I’m just kinda reflecting on – What I’ve been doing with my channel , with work and everything that That has to do with my life and how, I’m at this place where I feel either I could be – doing better or I”m not doing enough or you know It’s like a healthy dose of a Check-In with yourself – It’s not like badgering like “Oh my god why aren’t you doing more?” So like – “Hey, like why you feel this way?” “Can you do better? What can you do better on?” 1 thing I came back into was I really want to take content creation more seriously. I think I have been taking it pretty seriously for the past 2 years since I started But I wanted to take it to the next level – I wanted to be able to take it to the next level That mean better in front of the camera to be better behind the camera And requires me to learn more about films, videos and different styles I guess I grew up within a mentality that to consume things with content means a waste of time With that I tend to go for long periods of time without doing something I have to prior myself of something and I’m end up binging it and I feel horrible because I would stay awake Until 5 AM watching and then the suns out and I’m like ‘What am I doing with my life?’ I did that with ‘Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo’, It’s such a good drama which it does, If you guys looking for more Korean drama’s – not sure if you guys are, not sure If it’s the most productive thing to do – But , if you do it intentionally as you’re watching it; what I mean by that is that you’re aware You’re fully present, You’re watching it to watch the course and to enjoy cause why would you want something you don’t enjoy? But you’re also watching it with a critical eye which means We’re fully present and you’re watching to see – okay you know I asked myself ‘why do I like this?’ ‘What is keeping me hooked?’ ‘Is it their acting? Is it directing? Is it the camera angles? Is it the script? ‘Is it The story?’ If it were up to me, what would I do differently? “What would I do better? can I make it better? How would I make it better”- And so, In general Being present and being intentional with your time because our time is finite With that being said, You shouldn’t go to the other extreme like me and just – completely deprive yourself and then end up binging. Balance is key, my friend! *music* Carve out time to do what you’ve been meaning to do Whether it’s taking that art class, learning that language, taking that cooking class, taking that really special and fun fitness class I dunno, I just got so excited about the fitness thing… For me, the two things: The first one I briefly mentioned is I want to hone in and I want to improve on my craft. So what I’ve been doing is I’ve been looking up a lot of classes on Skillshare. For example, there’s one by Sophia Chang (Not the Sophia Chang blogger, not the Sophia Chang influencer, the Sophia Chang illustrator.) Um she’s a designer. She has a class on Instagram; like how to… What is it? “Analytics and Authenticity on Instagram: Crafting Your Digital Presence” So the class with Sophia Chang is learning more about the business side of social media And there’s also a bunch of filmmaking classes and how-to-edit classes, like editing, film editing, video editing class I’m also really excited to take (those classes) because for as long as I’ve been editing videos I kind of just feel, and kind of just do things and learn as I go and I feel like if I learn -If I learn from a professional how to do things the right way it might save me a lot of time -It might not, I don’t know, but it’s worth a try, it’s worth looking into. The second thing I wanna learn more about is traditional Chinese culture. So with that, I’ve been–(bumps plant) ooo, lemme just show you guys the books (gravelly voice) ooookay These couple of books that I got- One of ’em is the Art of War; I’m pretty sure many of you guys know about this There’s another one Hong Lou Meng, which is A Dream of Red Mansions. This is one of the four classics, along with Journey to the West with the monkey king. There’s Tao Teh Ching, this is by Lao Tzu. And there is this Exemplary Women of Early China I’m pretty sure most of you guys don’t have an interest in learning about traditional Chinese culture But! The, the point of this is to share with you guys: like if you are interested in anything, in any one or two or couple of things Run with it! Try to go as wide and try to go as deep as you can So as wide is I got a book by Lao Tzu who’s like, yanno, one of the wisest dudes in the world I got a book on traditional Chinese women, I got a fiction book I got a book on war strategies. Try to go as wide as you can, but at the same time, the depth is that you’re learning so much about this one thing that you want to learn about. So, again, maybe you cannot relate with the wanting to learn about Chinese culture But! It’s the… It’s the way you go about learning about something It’s kind of like… *gestures* yeah I just explained it *laughs* *music* Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives This is from Adam J.K. I *love* his stuff It’s honestly so cool. He has this book that -He has one of those journals that you can destroy. One Page Every Day? Something like that; where you (almost inaudible) Do I have another one? (gravelly voiced waaaaaa) Oh! actually I do! Pick Me Up, here. This one is called Pick Me Up and then, lemme just flip to a random page Uhhhhhh “Sometimes you just want to scream and cry, but you can’t. Other times you totally can! Find yourself a safe, private space to let it out. You are an *amazing* and *emotional* person who *feels* feelings. This can be annoying sometimes but it’s also your secret power. Keep being human.” Dude, I love this guy. And it’s soo relevant to what we’re talking about! “I don’t always know where I’m going, but that’s never really stopped me before.” So this is just -I love his doodling style. I’ll flip through over the B-Roll (inaudible) But anyway Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives -This came at the perfect time uh, considering this video is talking about self-care and what to do when you feel down and uninspired Adam J Kurtz, his stuff is honestly amazing I highly recommend it It definitely helped me feel less alone, ok to be human, ok to feel, and to feel safe. Like safe space, like I’m in a safe space with this. And that I’m understood. The second book that I wanna talk about is this Screenplay: the Foundations of Screenwriting This is just to show you guys that whatever it is that interests you, go *deep* Go wide and go deep. If it really interests you, you will want to learn as much as you can about everything. Honestly, I’m probably not gonna ever write a script. I dunno, who knows, probably not. Um, but, I am interested in the directing aspect, the producing, and maybe even the acting aspect. So if I’m interested in thooose aspects, then I should know at least the basics of screenwriting. Reading this can also help me write better scripts for *gestures at camera* you guys!! My YouTube video Even though, it’s, you know, maybe never gonna write a movie but it could help There’s always nuggets of wisdom in things all around us and if we’re willing to be open to learning we totally can. *music* What I mean by try “new” things, is to do something that you haven’t done in a while. Maybe, you used to wake up really early and then you haven’t done that in a while so you wanna get back to that Maybe you used to journal a lot more frequently and you haven’t done that so you wanna go back to that Maybe you used to….. work out more consistently and now you don’t *laughing* These are all things that I wanna get better on BTW Give yourself permission, practice acceptance. Accept the fact that you’re human and that you feel and that it’s totally fine. And that you know it will get better because that’s kind of the cycle. When anything reaches an extreme, it will turn around. Also, find that balance between the extremes: walking the middle path. It’s a huge principle in Buddhism, that I struggle with so hard! Umm you know it’s either extreme productive mode or extreme potato mode but like but what about this why not be a productive potato. I made a video about that look right there. *music* Whenever I’m stressed about something, or whenever I’m just like freaking out or like I-I don’t feel good about something I will flip it around and be like Ok. If I’m stressing about work, I’ll tell myself: I’m so grateful that I get to do what I love. I’m so grateful that I get to wake up every day and just do something that I find so fulfilling. Or if I’m stressed that my mom is just like *nagging* me, I’ll be like: I’m so grateful that I have a mom who cares so deeply about me that she’s willing to point out my flaws, and that she’s willing to ask me the hard questions even if I don’t want to listen, right? When it’s like I don’t want to think about it. Doing these small things really helped improve my mental state and the quality of my life because instead of going to sleep stressed, instead of waking up stressed Immediately I’m able to catch myself and be like ok, You’re stressed about this, why not turn it into something you’re grateful for? And generally when that happens, if I do this consistently, I’m flying above the cloud. I’m just *whew* So happy! But when I don’t do it, which has been the reality for the past two weeks cuz I’ve been travelling a lot, I find myself just so much more down and lethargic and like not having it. And so making this video was great because it’s a great reminder for me to be more consistent with writing in my five-minute-journal. Soooooooo with all of that… (singsongy voice) Thanks for watching! I love you guys so muuuch! I keep touching my plant… I’m sorry. Um. Give my plant a huuug. Then give you guys a huuuug. Ok bye.

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