🇺🇸 Walls of Shame: The US-Mexican Border l Featured Documentaries

🇺🇸 Walls of Shame: The US-Mexican Border l Featured Documentaries


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  1. If illegals can sneak into our country , so can mass murdering terrorist ! ! ! Wake up all of you liberals !

  2. The only Americans who are extremely naïve are socialist liberals and Democrats ! Traitors all to the United States Of America 🇺🇸.

  3. The problem is that people have forgotten what the difference is between right & wrong ! The difference between a lie & the truth ! Because allowing people that you don’t have any idea of who they are , to just pour into your country unchecked is just plan stupid ! I’ll bet that who ever you are you keep all of your doors and windows in your house locked at night. But hey ! If you really want to help all of these illegals who are sneaking into our country and working under the table tax free , while getting any , all and every kind of government assistance , at the u.s. taxpayers expense. If you’ve got a big house , with extra bedrooms in it. Why don’t you open up your doors and allow 6 , 10, 13 people come any live with you and you can pay for all of their clothes , shoes , food and health care needs instead of the u.s. taxpayer. Welfare benefits are paid from every American in our country who go’s to work everyday. Welfare benefits are paid by Americans , for Americans ! Not for illegals who have never paid a penny into the welfare system , but who sneak into our country and take from Americans. Not only taking their jobs , but any and every benefit from the American taxpayer that they can. It’s all total bullshit that needs to be stopped.

  4. The fight against the wall is political and has nothing to do with humanitarian reasons. They may die trying to go to areas where there is no wall but, that means there should be a wall the full length. If they can't get across, there is no reason to put themselves in danger. As far as people loosing land due to the wall, I can understand them not wanting to loose it. I will side with them on that issue when they stop forcing people off their land to put millions of acres under roads and highways and when the people who do not want their land taken for a wall stop driving on the roads built on land taken from people who didn't want to give their land up either. If they have a legal reason to come to our country then come here legally.

  5. She should drive these people to a hospital in Mexico.
    Want to help these people. .Do it down in Mexico.
    These illegals need to know straight up…America isn't the promised land they seem to believe it is.

  6. 12 million illegals that need to be deported back home.
    For HOW MANY YEARS were these people warned about having a huge over population problem and to stop having all these children they couldn't afford having. Now, these ignorant people want to come to the US bringing all these kids for others to support.
    Ahhhh…The gravy train has crashed and heading straight over a cliff.

  7. The US doesn’t separate people.they separate themselves.we can’t take the whole world in

  8. It looks like 99.9% of the comments are from people who know the truth about the wall,immigration and al jazehra .Everyone loves to talk smack about how horrible Americans are .the truth is Americans are the most generous people on the planet and most of the finger pointers come from countries that don’t help anyone and usually harm them instead

  9. “Americans want these people to come in legally but most of these people can’t “
    Good to know

  10. The wall is being built tall and long


  12. Build the wall by any means necessary.

  13. Broadcaster of shame

  14. We as American citizens have the right to deport anybody who is illegally in this country. We also have the right to protect our country from foreign invasion wether anybody likes or not. We are a nation of LAWS like it or not. When a country allows illegals to come in and use taxpayers dollars to feed,clothe,house,school, and use our medical services without the approval of the American taxpayer, that's called THEFT. If you don't like our RULES you know where to go. 😠😠😠😠

  15. Al garbage .. why dont you make documentry on why saudi or any other middle eastern country too serian refugees ….

  16. Al Jazeera supporting human smuggling cartels and the rape of women on the border. There are legal ways to citizenship and it doesn't involved cartels getting rich of the ignorant and emotional driven morons trying to pretend that the US is the only nation on earth with border security.

  17. Al jezera wants a easy passage for their caliphate

  18. This is a crucial conflict between two nations. To avoid human trafficking or other social issues, both governments should have a concrete platforms to have an audience and do final agreement to reform its borders separating the nation in good spirit of humanity and understanding.
    It's better to build a strong fortress or a great solid concrete towering wall to deplete some political upheavals or chaos which lead to a grave conflict. Both governments should shell out a fair and equal budget to rebuild the said borders in order to secure its political, social, and economic issues.
    Prayers for both nations that peace will reigns in their hearts to solve this long conflict of interest.

  19. Trump is the weakest president on history on immigration… He is a joke… Obama deported more illegals in 3 months than donald trump in 4 years

  20. Al Jazeera funded by Qatari government……if you care so much for the migrants
    of the world………..take them to Qatar!!!! After all you are the richest country in
    the world.

  21. 40,000 Americas died from Mexico heroine this year alone another 70,000 people Murdered by Mexican cartels fck this fake news.

  22. Why do u say aliens? An alien looks like this 👽

  23. People that help illegal need go to jail to girl they need to be hack up

  24. If there was no USA where they go

  25. If Europeans didn't create America where would they go.

  26. If you fear for your life quit your job.

  27. Mentel trump how come he becomes USA parsent gays don't geve him 2nd time other ways usa become a he'll???

  28. 14:01 illegal aliens 😂🔥

  29. Al Jazeera can kiss as.

  30. "Shame"…..F****you Al jazeer, try walking into Syria or any other country in the middle east and they ll jail you and beat you!

  31. Oh and I suppose that the great Wall of China was shameful or the wall in Israel is shameful. No it gave both these countries security against invaders and attacks. This is what our represents a security against invaders and attacks by terrorist. 😎🇺🇸

  32. they know its illegal. there is a legal and proper way but they choose not to follow it, thinking they have a right to enter our country regardless of our laws. the shame is on them for violating (or attempting to) break our laws. and shame on these 'doctors' for blaming our country for defending its citizens, society, economy, infrastructure

  33. what a beautiful wall thank you Mr president . trump 2020 . there's no stopping us now . you libs can cry all you want

  34. shame? what ya want open borders?????

  35. They stole land or country from these people and are building wall to stop them from entering their own land.This is how audacious and sinisters these people are think.

  36. Europeans have free entry and exist but those landowners don't have the same access

  37. Saudi Arabia built a massive wall on its border several years ago.

  38. He's coming to the states because he owes a lot of money back home and he wants to pay them back. So, does he come to contribute to this country or support his country and his people? Sorry buddy, the tasty gravy train went by a long time ago and you miss it. If we ever try to cross your border illegally, the only thing we get is a taste of your jail cell.

  39. So it is shameful to protect your own country from invasion.

  40. I don't see walls of shame, I see a country trying to defend it's sovrenty. If they want to come into this country they should do it the right way, or not at all.

  41. On this video Male American citizens step on to Mexico that’s ok and legal !!!!

  42. Turn around and come in legally and you will be welcome. Come illegally and we don't want you here. Immigrants and refugees are welcome but not illegals. Don't put your life or the lives of your children in danger.We don't want people to die, so do it legally.

  43. I love Mr. Trump. May God keep blessing you


  45. Send them to the Middle east

  46. Why not talk about the illegals who cross an break our laws,rape murder?? Should we just let them ??

  47. Border patrol sucks….there jobs suck…they take payoffs if they can and there out there treating the Mexican population like animal….if Mexico bordered New York it wouldn’t be so bad. Notice when they get through there ending up on the East coast now👀

  48. Trumps wall consists of 10% concrete 10% steel and 80% utter complete BULLSHIT

  49. Detroit needs help, where are these good samaritans are at ??? What US ghettos not good enough for help ???

  50. Americans welfare for all and for ever

  51. That women did nt helped him instead made him caught to cops 6:50 .Shame on You

  52. Not not a Wall of shame it's a wall of beginning for our country

  53. Thank you President Trump for building the wall otherwise these world of dreamers will completely takes over till America disappears. I am not American but I understand and foresee the future of America. You won't be America soon if you allow everybody in. These dreamers should build their dreams in their own country.

  54. Population problem Mexico and world Please Contol population
    Enjoy happy peace life
    Plantion trees
    earth Save people Save

  55. why don't middle east countries adopt these mexicans??rather than shaming america for not letting this tresspassers into their country??you talk too much but do nothing…isn't it hypocracy al jazeera??are you not ashame ??

  56. Got deported now am back in Anaheim CA.
    Cross thru the port on entry like nothing



  58. Those who came first prevent the next

  59. You can't compare this with middle east, because here (most of) you are also an illegal immigrant. All of you are immigrants. The only difference is you came bit earlier.

  60. Us have right to protect its broaders
    America frist

  61. A lot has happened since this video. Things have come a long way. It's time to clean things up.

  62. You meant America's wall of fame🇺🇸

  63. It would be beautiful if the border could realistically be safe for everyone. It would be wonderful if no one in the world had to worry about criminals or even terrorists, drugs, human traffickers. I was always open to open borders. But, when I learned about human trafficking, murders, rapes committed upon many who tried to cross with a coyote. Once you realize the reality that not all people have good intent you wake up to become first protective of women, children, elders, and the innocent who really do just want to work in the USA.

  64. Stop illegal USA crossing into Canada Lets make TRUMP pay for it !!!!!!!

  65. How about YOU follow your own guidlines, and realize that we are not the ones telling YOU how to think, or what to say, or how to feel. Wake up you tube. Or should I start calling you DAD!

  66. Everybody needs walls and borders. Its how you protect your home and valuables you have to be STUPID or an IDIOT to beleive you dont need it OBAMA made his wall bigger on his home .

  67. When thousands of AMERICAN are dying everymonth because drugs are coming from the border to stop the big flow its not HATRED its caring for our CITIZENS if you dont like it maybe you shouldn't be in AMERICA periodly !!

  68. 👽🇲🇽🚍👋🏾

  69. India needs these kind of Walls in Gujarat and Rajasthan bordering with Pakistan.

  70. NEWS FLASH!!!! Don't break the law and try crossing in the first place. Problem solved. No tears in my beer. Bless the hearts of this ole pair of "want to be heros" leftist lesbians 😉


  72. They need to stay in their country.. fix that mess .. don’t come here tell us what to do .. come the right way .. build that wall

  73. @Al Jazeera is a terrorism supporting news channel. Try entering into Saudi Arabia or Iran. They will kill you
    Us has all rights to build a wall to protect its country and stop illegal immigrants.

  74. Cross legally. Putting children in danger with this journey is the real crime

  75. These 2 crazy ladies should have these freeloaders stay at the place. Should abolish Safe Third Country Agreement

  76. Anti Trump propaganda is so obvious, but soooo many fall for it….. No wonder Hitler was able to do what he did if they were as sheepish as liberals

  77. Al jazeera Loves for people to be raped and beheaded!!!

  78. Al jazeera Loves for people to be raped and beheaded!!!

    shame to your channel.
    A jihadi channel funded by qatari govt.
    Means america should take millions refugees without restriction????

  80. The border patrol has more hate than it does security

  81. Build huge wall/deport all DACA's

  82. The Real Shame is the Countries that treat there people so bad so they take the chance to leave.

  83. Saudi Arabia is building a fence along it's Yemeni border are the Saudis shameful?


  85. Mexicans and Central Americans, TRUST ME, will play all cards necessary to invoke the wrath of leftist America to allow illegal immigration to continue. Liberals not only want an "Open Border," liberals want to exhaust all U.S. resources catering to the droves of emotionally impulsive poor Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants.

  86. Mmmm… can help an android with gps, a solar charger and an aerostatic balloon like the one built by Gunter Wetzel and Peter Strelzik to cross the Berlin wall in East Germany, unfortunately these are expensive and building a balloon requires advanced knowledge, although on the internet you can find all the necessary information … if you know how to search

  87. I know that I'm going to sound really ignorant right now so please forgive me but why are people not trying to enter the country the legal way? I understand the people fleeing from war but perhaps the others?… Someone please enlighten me…

  88. Holy Bible (ILLEGAL immigration)
    John 10.1 Verily, verily, I say unto You, He that Entereth Not by the Door into the sheepfold, But Climbeth up some other way, the same is a THIEF and ROBBER.

  89. The immigration policy of Mexico, as I understand it, is far more restrictive than the USA policy. NO ONE has a right to "circumvent our sovereignty"

  90. Prefiero al gabacho que al musulman loco.

  91. Bullshit propaganda from someone that HATES the U.S.

  92. ya right, it's real shameful to protect your country from invasion

  93. When a refugee seeks refuge then they ask for refuge at the first safe country not travel through a few until they find a nice cozy one. Those are not refugees they are illegal aliens

  94. These video's are only to create more bleeding hearts…The fact remains, they are trying to illegally enter your nation!!

  95. So, where's Trump's beautiful wall? Is Mexico paying for it? Nowhere, and no, of course not, those are just stupid ideas of a moronic douchebag who wants stupider people to vote for him… again…

  96. Judith your an expert and you say there are no legal channels to get in? What planet are from ?

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