東京ゲームショウ2016:全体紹介 & コスプレ

東京ゲームショウ2016:全体紹介 & コスプレ

Everyone, Welcome to Netageo This year again, I came to the Tokyo Game Show 2016. I come every year. This year again, VR is hot Because there are manythings that I want to show you Let’s enter right now. Let’s go. Tokyo Game Show 2016 First report. This year a long tail for Japanese press to enter 1 hour ! This is ​​the first time I in 7 years. Japan leading video game companies are bringing together in this event. You earlier the latest game will be soon released. There is variety of video game-related booths Changes in the TGS of the landscape can be seen. The past few years, smartphones game companies were increasing their presence, But this year smartphone content seems to decrease. Smart phone maker Sony Xperia , as usual attracted attention with theire beautiful hostess. Online games like WARGAMING or NEXON with its “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. ONLINE” booth. Motoko Kusanagi cosplayer attracted photographers The main purpose of a lot of people, was also the FPS. In the browser game, DMM booth knows with its famous Kantai Collection. and seem to make hits, be Tokenranbu is also very popular. This year’s booth was focus on Tokenranbu Bonus, hostesses of DMM. Group publisher Kadokawa. Is also famous in anime industry, demonstrate is presence in the video game exhibiting this year exhibited 3 titles. Smartphone game “Star Lee Girl episode -Starsia- Here cosplays of Sirius on the left and Vega on right . “Demon Gaze 2” a RPG for PS VITA expected to release at the end of september. PS4 and PS VITA game “GOD Wars toki wo koete”(beyond the time), A Tactics RPG which takes place in Japan legends. It is scheduled to be released February 2017. Here also lovely cosplayers. On the Left Kaguya, on the right Aome. PC-related booths have increase. Intel booth cosplayers group. Giant robot is quite impressive. The booth, had a FF14 a corner. For gamers everyday, DXRacer booth exhibiting many chairs. those are not only gamers, but also for those are sitting for a long time in front of a screen. Again beautiful cosplayers attracting attentions. Recently participating to TGS companies like Twitch gaming live streaming platform, was exhibited a large booth. Speaking of another change in TGS landscape, the expansion of indies games area. Uprising of domestic indie game, blows a fresh wind is in the video game industry. But it will have already some people of notice, A lot of famous cosplayers, I have participated as a companion in many booth. I guess business side have been aware of the influence of the cosplayers. 6waves booth, cosplayers was the cosplay of game characters, Was a production which is riding on the shiny tile. Even this I was quite taken
part Since regularly cosplayers had been replaced, all shooting Hey unreasonable. If not a majority of the day
I If you do not stay here 6waves of mobile and social games anyway is I you know attract attention surgery. You can see if you look at the this crowd of people surrounding the booth. As I said, even the beginning of the program, Virtual reality is this year, had swept the venue. Its introduction in the next time. This time of TGS first phase report, Little to change the approach, but I tried to introduce from the aspect of influence of cosplayers, I am happy if me like it. The most surprised of is, It is a change in the mindset of some of the companies that have started incorporating the cosplay culture in advertising. Me to see the program until the end
Are Thank you So also in Netageo. goodbye.

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  1. たしかにこの動画だけみたら、コンパニオン&コスプレがGameShowを乗っ取るくらいの勢いを感じる。

  2. 顔見知りのレイヤーさんがブースで仕事してて認知度あがったんだなって感じますよね

  3. cosplay, they look so bad but when Japanese girls do cosplay, so cute, sexy and look good.👌

  4. 6Wは動画撮影禁止でした。知らずに撮影しようとして制止された私が言うんだから間違いありません。

  5. 私はネタゲオさんの、コスプレ撮影が好きです(^^

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