✔ Minecraft: 5 Textures You’ve Never Seen

✔ Minecraft: 5 Textures You’ve Never Seen

Minecraft: 5 Textures You’ve Never Seen Potions and arrows of luck are available when in creative mode.. These are useful when fishing! Have you ever seen these and the four-leaf clover effect-symbol? However, there’s a even lesser known potion-effect, one you can not even get in your creative inventory! This effect does the complete opposite of the luck effect… :I It’s bad luck, and the effect-symbol shows a withered four-leaf clover. Luck AND bad luck? That’s a paradox, my only weakness! For this texture you’ll need an empty map. Not the item, but a map of somewhere without blocks. Putting this in a item frame increases its size, but doesn’t hide it like usual.. You could use this for cool wall designs or something! The recently changed boats have a weird green under-texture that you almost never get to see. It’s supposed to look like algae growing on them, but you can’t see it when they’re in the water. 😮 This next one is pretty funny. If you spawn something weird and the game doesn’t know what it is, it’ll change it to this. It’s extremely weird looking, but you’ve probably seen it before if you’ve had bugs in other games! You also look ridiculous holding them.. This hidden texture has been featured on my channel before. It’s inside the pumpking, so you’ll have to walk inside. :I It’s the snow golem’s old head, which looked more like a normal snowman’s. Here you can see both the old and the new. Try it yourself! Here’s a bonus texture! This brown texture is inside the bottom of the minecart. The texture was used in the infdev versions of Minecraft. I’ve heard it was used to make the cart look full if you were to put items in it, as it functioned more like a chest back then. For some reason they never removed it. Feel free to click SUBSCRIBE for more like this! Thank you to my Patreons: SuperMarioTube – Cheetoheadvideos – Eman Gaming – ClownsDontBite – PemapolMC You can now support me on PATREON or support single videos for free by following the guide in the DESCRIPTION. (There’s cool rewards!) (Your name in a video!)

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  1. With the shears you can see the real face of the snowman

  2. 4:04 i think there is a way to remove the pumpkin. Well. I kniw that it works or woked in pocket edition

  3. You can use the ✂️ to cut the pumpkin of the snowman’s head

  4. Cant you just use a shear to shear its head and it will reveal that head

  5. Background music?????

  6. magmamusen never use commandblocks!!!!?

  7. You can "shear" the snowmen to remove the pumpkin and enjoy the old texture.

  8. XD You are girl 3:32

  9. 3:15 look like Hulk

  10. Ive seen all… not a joke

  11. When i spawn the Block like purple and black everything when crushes game specially mods

  12. Luck : +1
    Unluck: -1
    (+1) + (-1) = 0
    Not a paradox

  13. Wow just used A Ksp background song

  14. 3:45 it's a poor (almost) defenseless snow golem and look what he's doing to it!

  15. You can sheer snow golems and i have seen literally all of the textures

  16. This song makes me nostalgic now

  17. I rewatched the video, therefore the title is a lie.

    It's not that good of a joke I know

  18. 4:20 use sheers to cut off the snowman head

  19. You can use shears for the pumpkin for the snowman than the pumpkin will dissapear

  20. 1:17 magmamusen’s only weakness…

  21. How u can active spectace mode?

  22. 3:10
    to not only hold one, but TWO INFINITY STONES!
    your truly magnificent

  23. You can remove the pumpkin head with shears

  24. O soy un crack o es que me se todas menos la del minuto 4:47

  25. А эм, если срезать у снежного голема тыкву, при помощи ножниц, то будет обычная голова снеговика :000000

  26. Honey bottle??? Bee update???

  27. The luck effect is a way to play minecraft as Nagito Komaeda

  28. There's A potion of luck n unlucky pot

  29. Guys I have a theory!

    What if Magma musen is Just Techno. But in another account?

  30. Minecraft video with Kerbal Space program muisc

  31. Oii what was that intro song?

  32. What is the name of this music

  33. 2:37 Laggy Minecraft… OOF oh wait that wasn’t lag…

  34. Тыкву снежного голема можно срезать ножницами и увидеть старую текстуру

  35. Sound like portal knight mjsic

  36. في عرب 😓🍀

  37. I have seen most of them

  38. You car remove pumpkin from snowman with shears

  39. Говно все это уже все знают

  40. 2:54 This is actually not texture. It is called "no texure"

  41. Дебил, ты немог просто срезать тыкву?

  42. 2:40 smh, that IS a real texture and not just some pink and black checkered block
    You just forgot to install counter strike source 😤

  43. Shear snow golems head so u could get a good look

  44. 4:00 also you can shear them

  45. I see all except bonus

  46. Hey coool thing about the golem, if u use shears on it, it actually reveals that inside texture.

  47. 1:21 when you use an ender pearl and land in a bunch of creepers

  48. The empty map can be used to prank your friend
    If they want to put they’re items in the item frame, they can’t!
    Troll, right?

  49. You can actually sheer the pumpkin head 4:00

  50. Luck was is the game on like all versions but soon removed

  51. At 4:22 or less it's easier just to shave it

  52. i have seen them all

  53. Oh now I know you’re weakness

  54. Can you try to shear the snowman head? ;~; so you can see the old version of snowman

  55. He used ksp VAB music

  56. você pode usar uma tesoura para cortar a abóbora do boneco de neve

  57. can you tell me the name of The Musics In This Video?

  58. 1:12 TO be continued…

  59. 2:42 how to get it in mc 1.12.2?

  60. you can shear the pumpkin off 4:13

  61. Ево надо стричь

  62. ive literally seen all of those

  63. Ive never seen these textures. Well now i know these kinds of textures.

  64. isnt the music from treelands?

  65. 4:12 an easier way is to remove with shears

  66. 4:12 you can remove the pumpkin using scissors

  67. Texture 1: Directions unclear, my stopwatch is on top of the tree in the background

  68. Me hace reir tu paradoja

  69. 1:21 When your storage are gone

  70. The purple and black checker is the missing texture shown in source engine games, such as counter strike, half life, portal, or tf2 as well as others. It is not a universal way of conveying a missing texture, so it really says something that the devs made the missing texture in Minecraft the same as Valve’s source engine.

  71. I’ve seen every texture from this video.

  72. I see all but bonus no

  73. Video for noobs lol

  74. Meet MagmaMusen…

    The Pacifist Technoblade

  75. Please make a dance hall😎😎

  76. He knows he can shear the golem right

  77. 3:38 It’s more easy to see it when you cut it off with shears.

  78. Para o boneco de neve
    Use a teaaoura!☃️

  79. What song are you using please reply magma

  80. At the snow golem part now you can shear them to see it

  81. ¿cual es la semilla de tu mundo?

  82. 4:37 what's music ?

  83. You could just sheer those pumpkins to see the head of snoman

  84. seems you love Kerbal Space Program huh?

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