✔ Minecraft: 10 Textures That Changed (III)

✔ Minecraft: 10 Textures That Changed (III)

10 Textures That Changed (III) (Music Starts) This is the original pufferfish texture which was used in a bunch of snapshots. However, the texture was changed before the pufferfish came out. Emeralds were originally supposed to be rubies.. Around official release, the name was changed and the texture was corrected. They did it because a developer thought it looked like redstone! The ruby.png texture still exists in the game files.. Cobblestone has changed many times, but not by much. The first change was the most significant, lowering the contrast of the texture.. The texture was tweaked.. ..and tweaked.. This is the cobblestone used today! Spiders were originally brown with black eyes in early development! I really like this texture and hope they add a new type of spider that uses this texture! The texture was changed to the black and red spiders that we know and love. This is the old lava texture. It can still be found in the terrain.png that you download with Minecraft. :] This is lava today! During the early development of Minecraft, this ugly thing was used. (Music Changes) This was a sapling but it was changed, thankfully! This is the very first gold block texture which was used in the ‘Classic’ version of Minecraft. The texture was changed before Indev to one with a very weird-looking gradient. This was used for all of Alpha and Beta, but was changed around the official release! The texture now had a much less drastic gradient. However, this is not the texture currently in use! A small tweak.. This is the texture currently in use. Like the gold block, diamond blocks also had a weird gradient once.. Similarly, the texture had a big change, then a small tweak.. Charcoal used to look like regular coal.. However, its texture was changed not too long ago. This is the first wooden plank texture,which has some brick-like markings.. The color was tweaked a little, it now looked like birch wood. The vertical markings were made less visible and knots were added. They did a small texture tweak.. Then all the different wood types were added to the game, which resulted in more plank textures. Outro

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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. did i sing it right?

  2. knew ruby and spider one

  3. made 10days before my birthday

  4. In lava you missed A LOT of changes!!!! Please edit this video future MagmaMusen!!

  5. Storm spider-

    Whenever you get near one, it will attack you by summoning a storm. The storms bring lightning, and will most likely kill you. Unlike other spiders, they are ALWAYS hostile.

  6. 3:46–
    Candy Corn

  7. Magma I like the Intense background music wha is it bruh

  8. 03:46 Looks like a Blaze

  9. it's a costume skin

  10. thr music is great

  11. my friend saw a brown spider in game!

  12. (>•_•)>|)


    Shoots MagmaMusen hater, wins PVP


    That is how to make a Kirby happy.

  13. what song is playing magmamusen?

  14. I love it I click subscribe

  15. anyone else miss old cobblstone texture? I do ;(
    Like if agree

  16. anyone thinks that the version we have now of pufferfish looks crying sun xD

  17. The new spider should be brown recluse
    Like if you agree


  19. Sees sapling. WHAT IS THAT SAPLING TEXTURE!?????

  20. Why the song sounds like someone died and was buried???

  21. The pufferfish looks like sun

  22. The gold must be a butter

  23. New tree! "Ugly Tree"

  24. 2:27 spiders we know and LOVE??????

  25. My top five useless blocks are

    1. Diamond block because it is an utter waste of diamonds
    2. Deadbush why would anyone if you don’t have shears and you break it then you get sticks

  26. 3. Sponge so useless
    4. Gravel it makes you suffocate
    5. Cobweb it just makes you stuck

  27. This music is DEEP

  28. The old gold block is amazing…

  29. 5:00 looking at charcoal like they makes it look like… POO!

  30. It seems that cobblestone textures I saw it was almost like bedrock

  31. That old texture gold block is shinier than diamond cuz it change texture diamonds is shiny again

  32. The diamond block the old texture is so not shinier

  33. Did any one notice the words in the corner in 1:01?

  34. The diamond spider. Speed II for 8:00, Jump boost II for 8:00 and attack is 10. 400 HP.

  35. Charcoal looks like dog poop

  36. Holy moly this music is intense

  37. The brown Spyder is better!!!!

  38. i made a mod with a brown spider mob, but its so different to the original one

  39. sapling (brocoli) is ugly?!

  40. 0:39 Like you are about to get tourcherd

  41. the fish textures changed again

  42. I prefer the old lava texture

  43. I actually made a disgusted face when I saw the old sapling

  44. I remember the charcoal texture >.>

  45. The old pufferfish looks like Flounder from The Little Mermaid.

  46. Wow, cobblestone is ugly but I like it better now

  47. And now,1.13, there's again a new pufferfish. Wow.

  48. Rubies could have a use.

  49. oh my god why is there Harry Potter music on 6:35

  50. oops not on 6:35 on 1:07

  51. Don’t forget the old wither texture

  52. 5:53 optical illusion on the wood, just gotta look closely

  53. MagmaMusen same here!!!! I always thought they would add another spider that looked like the old one but bigger and only found in jungles and you can tame it using a potion of poison and you can ride it using a different kind of saddle that is only for spiders what do you think?

  54. dinnerbone was colourblind so he couldn't differentiate rubies and redstone

  55. At the emerald on isn’t the music Skyrim or something?

  56. A wood spider maybe? Or a tarantula.

  57. Love spiders… this is not sure

  58. the old gold block was much better than today

  59. So notch see the sapling like a deadbush, so thats why he like a deadbush

  60. Top 5 you dont kniow about corals

  61. 2:16 If they add a spider with this texture to the game, they should call it the "Cookie Spider." Don't eat it though, unless it drops cookies, in which case, GO AHEAD

  62. Thb, the old sapling looks like a skinless animal getting a green plague :[

  63. I like rubies better

  64. Music on 3:11???

  65. ….Chocolate Spiders xD

  66. 3:02
    I dont think it is ugly at all

  67. Some spiders can be kept as pets so I think the old skin should be for a pet spider that will be your sidekick and you can ride on,it will defeat mobs but not to strong and can feed and can die (can be tamed by using apples)

  68. hahaha the music is intense

  69. I think the brown spider texture should be a tarantula

  70. Who thinks that brown spiders were cooler

  71. The good old textures

  72. The pufferfish texture changed twice.

  73. theory withers hate ender dragon

  74. I don’t think we love spiders… do we guys?

  75. The puffer fish changed again!
    I’m here from the future.

  76. do part 4 which is 1.14

  77. 1:00 "Holy moly this music is intense!"

  78. Hey MagmaMusen, can you make another showing texture update changes

  79. Do the new texturempack change video

  80. oooooooh, i want you to see the 1.14 >:D

  81. Yeah now with the texture update of 2019 ya need to make a sequel

  82. What’s your world seed?

  83. Boi the ugly thing is just alive bushes before they died

  84. Maybe 1.15 can be the nature update

  85. And 1.16 savannah and desert update

  86. Can you do ✔ Minecraft – How to Make a Crane

  87. The pufferfish has changed to a derpy pufferfish in Update Aquatic.

  88. 2:25

    Magmamusen : That we know and love.
    Me : You mean…"That we know and love to kill"


  89. I love gold ore and gold block but i never seen the Old Texture so shiny…

    Its too shiny for me

  90. The old lava texture is pure cheesy goodness

  91. This spider is Cute 2:08

  92. village and pillage renovations for textures
    AW MAN

  93. I honestly would pick the rubies over emeralds

  94. I want the brown spider back

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