⚫Бюджетная ЛЕСТНИЦА за 60$. КАК построить ДЕШЕВЫЙ Дом из Газобетона? #19

⚫Бюджетная ЛЕСТНИЦА за 60$. КАК построить ДЕШЕВЫЙ Дом из Газобетона? #19

this video is about making simple
accessible floor stairs possible whether to make a comfortable staircase in
limited space and even spend minimal money on it
during the construction of a 2-story private at home, many have a difficult question about
making a staircase alone seems that the staircase should be centrally posh
others decorated on the contrary try to hide her in a separate
an aperture or even a room both option is unlikely to be budgetary and
definitely eat a lot of healthy space these factors even scares
many from the construction of a two-story at home as a compulsory presence
stairs in such a house increases the budget eats up living space
and unnecessary difficulties in its operation and completely negates the benefits
two-story house but still on own example we will try
show you justifiable manufacture rational ladder and try
invest in the lowest possible budget ideally making any stairs
should start at the stage designing a house so for the stairs
you can choose the best place apple need to make in the design
home additional amplifiers in our case we will place a ladder
right next to the front door by design it will be light so no
gain no foundation no walls we we will not do the design in advance
stairs can be made from diverse materials but in
mainly use concrete steel or wood is the simplest and
available for self manufacturing will be wood structures
and with the simplest executions it will turn out also the cheapest naturally
the final cost of our stairs we also voice the main material for
the stairs became a pine board dried natural atmospheric drying
this board will play like structural role and the role of the finish
finishing so father served all blanks on the electric jointer on the same
all the workpieces were cut to desired format
pine will become a bowstring for the stairs board with a flow of 200 by 40 millimeters with
both sides of which we make oblique drank this is a mezzanine will be 2
monarch therefore father about shaft ends four such blanks Now for each bowstring you need to do
marking under the steps and most convenient do it with the help of a square
first step on a bowstring its dimensions are transferred to the coal itself
and now the square acts as a template for which everyone else outlines
steps all gross irregularities fallen knots cracks and close up and putty
the finish will still be executed putty but we will do it already
to finished stairs grind the excess putty simple
affordable way with a grinder and Velcro sandpaper steps in this staircase with the front
the sides will be closed risers and with the inside of the stairs will be hemmed
drywall on this mount itself steps are easiest to do from bar
glued to the cross section of a bar 35 to 40 millimeters father sliced
we drill the same workpieces holes with wood screws
secured them to the bow the compound was coated with wood glue
pva which not only strengthens construction but also removes the possibility
squeaks two short and two long bowstrings were
other parts are prepared at our place father harvested already at the construction site
since this staircase will be mounted in a limited space, then in it
there will be a 180 turn degrees for this turn will be
staircase frame for which will be assembled from
of this bar, it has a cross section of approximately 50 to 100 millimeters and in size
fits right in place con contoured stairs on the wall connecting one of the racks with a bowstring
fasten this structure to the wall we will use mounting foam with
screws Having moistened the gas block before mounting
the foam here will not support the weight of the stairs but her presence in all adjoining
staircase construction attached to the walls ladder of additional stability and
makes her generally stable on top the bowstring rests on the support beam and
screwed into the end 120 by them self tapping staircase design
the platform will have a simple the form between the flights of stairs she
will be divided by 2 and forming a difference in height which will work as
additional step to the first part of the landing consists
of four racks which connects wood frame
made of boards with a cross section of 100 on 25 millimeters all connections here
also fixed with self-tapping screws wood using wood glue
we attach one more to this design bar to be supported 2
staircase as well as one bowstring 2 flights of stairs
the total area of ​​this house is only 60 square meters and so
reduce the loss of floor space due to stairs all the space under it we
we will use the volume under the main flights of stairs will be used under
compact toilet room which fits the toilet and small washbasin
and the space under the other wrinkles and the landing will be used
for storage including here also shoe shelves will be placed
which near the front door will be like time by the way instead of a staircase with a differential
in height here could organize rungs but also
as well as steps for a spiral staircase crossover steps tapers off with one
sides so walking on them is not very comfortable as you saw the second part
frame under the landing also in easy to manufacture all connections are not
complex and can be done without any experience after manufacturing
frame for the landing to it fasten the bowstring of a smaller flight of stairs
and also we form a rack framework for drywall partition which will
separate the toilet under the stairs of total living space steps for stairs and we will
make from pine floorboard it has a thickness of 28 millimeters and
interconnected with a spike for at the cost of our floorboard at 9
dollars per square meter this is a good budget decision that will be
Durable enough and look aesthetically pleasing piece of floorboard attached to
embedded parts on the string using 50 millimeter screws and carpentry
glue we also coat with pva wood glue
spike-groove connection is to do a step whole and more durable
so far all the fixture stairs in the form hats from the screws will remain open
father plan in the future after the first heating season to spend more finishing
Finishing work since it is likely that at the first
start heating wood get rid from moisture residues and appear on it
small cracks or other defects a maybe in time no one will
will pay attention and minor defects with open fasteners will become a kind
a decor element like a loft style or rural practicality from the same
floorboards were sewn up surfaces for turntables and here they are
strength was also enough in the same way right on the spot were
all other steps are made the number of which was 11 pieces
plus two steps formed turntable after assembly of the main structure
grinding was expected by the father produced with the help of the same grinder and
sandpaper with Velcro grinding rough transitions removed and partially removed
leopard at the end of grinding I covered
stairs with the first layer of parquet lacquer in this period my wife and I finished
flooring on the second floor therefore unpleasantly smelling varnish procedure
produced in one fell swoop blocking a staircase with a floor in one day and yes by the way
detailed videos about on a wooden style sex as affordable and possibly better
solutions for a budget house already published on our channel
width of the lower flight of stairs is only 60 centimeters
width of a longer flight of stairs is already 75 centimeters and this is how
times due to the placement I will raise a bathroom
food is so wide the staircase is significantly less than recommended
most of the rules as well as here are unlikely will be able to stretch together but rise
it’s quite comfortable on such a narrow staircase and given that this house is mainly
only two people will live then the probability of their meeting on the stairs will be
negligible even in our house where we we live a family of four
movement on the stairs almost never does not happen it saves space
which this narrow staircase will give a big plus is the height between the steps
was chosen at 19 centimeters and the length steps and amounted to 28 centimeters at
this turned the angle of the stairs comfortable 34 degrees and succeeded
enter the outline rectangle with sizes of 240 per meter thirty five what
in total, on both floors it took a little more than 6 square meters of which
nevertheless managed to use almost two meters square kid knot and places
for storage so it’s actually a ladder ate about four square meters from
the total area that ended up slight loss at this stage for
protection of the stairs during painting we closed it with construction film in
future and cover it with the final layers make varnish under the steps of the laminate
we will make a simple railing and sew drywall stairs by the way the following
the video on our channel will be installation of drywall in the house directly
wooden structures and we hope you look at it at this stage too
all materials for the stairs that entered glue varnish
from fasteners floorboard and even this board which I managed to successfully borrow from
60 of my stocks were spent dollars as you already understood more
budget-friendly staircase hardly make time
my father took about its production 7 man-days and the total cost of
the whole house is already 10 thousand four hundred eighty five dollars we
We hope you appreciated our work and see other videos from our

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