☾ Lunar New Year Beauty

☾ Lunar New Year Beauty

shamian koala hi gorgeous I have here a beautiful look for you to try out to ring in the Lunar New Year it’s the year of the goat or sheep a year of promise and prosperity before we begin we need to have a fresh clean face so take a cleansing wipe and gently prep the delicate area under your eyes making sure that your face is completely clean we need our skin to be free of any oil in dirt and if my under eyes are feeling puffy I’ll use a treatment like this to help perk them up it’s kind of like a cup of coffee for the eyes yep thank the internet for my late nights let it sit for a few minutes and then just wipe it off with a wet clean tissue okay now that my eyes are awake one last step before moving on to makeup is priming the skin find one with a built-in moisturizer a primer helps create a smoother skin surface minimizing pores and fine lines however if you’re a teenager you can skip primer you don’t need this stuff so just apply this baby all over your face or just spot treat on any problem areas like an oily t-zone now you can take a dab of concealer and gently apply under your eyes you want to be extra gentle because this area is very delicate all right if you’re looking more alive than you are good so we can now move on to our favorite foundation or BB cream for a while I’ve been substituting my foundation with a cushion compact like this one this was a gift from Korea come tsamina instead of using your hands or a brush cushion compact has a very specific application with the cushion sponge provided dab it on the sponge soaked and BB or CC cream and very lightly dab on your face like foundation BB or CC cream from Korea is very different than BB and CC cream from the West the coverage is light to medium and the finish is dewy so I recommend trying different formulations before settling with your Holy Grail so continue dabbing the cushion sponge all over your face until you even out your complexion want to know how to cheat a flawless complexion use a lightweight highlighter there are two parts to healthy-looking skin complexion and luminosity a highlighter can help punctuate this by giving you that boost the key less is more you need just a little small dabs here and there on the high points of your cheeks and forehead and tip of the nose and Cupid’s bow ready to blush with a shimmering peach blush load it up with your brush and locating your cheekbones lightly dust the brush all over this area building up the color for this look you don’t want to look as if you’re wearing blush it should look as if you’re really blushing alright it’s time to move on to the eyebrows if you have sparse brows like myself here use a matte powder that’s a few shades darker than your own hair color and lightly fill in your brows if you need more definition use a brow pencil and sketch little hair marks with your spoolie brush blend and soften any harsh marks [Music] onto the ice take a matte taupe eyeshadow color and contour your lids sweeping the brush back and forth make sure it’s blended we’re going for a soft look [Music] now take a deeper terracotta color and deepen the outer corner blending and diffusing the color into the creases with a fluffy shadow brush with a smaller brush use a shimmering sunset peach and build the color up starting around the inner corner of your eyes and blend out this is gonna help warm up your eyes tap a small brush into a vanilla highlighter and very carefully blend into the inner corner of your eyes and along the lower lash line this will help bring more light to your eyes and dab whatever is left along your brow bone for extra definition going back with the fluffy brush soften and blend the colors together using an eyeliner in a plum color carefully line your upper lashes making sure to stay as close to the lash line as possible mmm everyone looks good with the winged eyeliner so go ahead and sketch that line out make sure it tapers up because this will help lift up your eyes and if you want a fuller lash line tight line your upper waterline this might feel uncomfortable at first but believe me it will look good no pain no gain if you want to brighten your eyes take a white eyeliner and gently line along your lower waterline and add a touch along the inner corners of your eyes and if you want a more subtle option try a peach or a rose gold eyeliner you know what time it is time to perk them lashes hold your lash curler for a few seconds on each eye vadhana so if you’re lacking in the lash dept leg myself here use a lash primer to give your lashes that boost it’s like stilettos for your lashes coat your lashes from root to tip making sure to flick the wand out at the ends now you can take your favorite jet black mascara and place it over your lash primer to complete the lashes apply generous coats just skip the lower lashes and instead mix your taupe and terracotta colors together and staying as close to the lash line as possible shadow in this area now it’s time for some glam yes honey but real talk here at the start of the new year fireworks banging pots and pans basically making real loud noises right after midnight was said to help ward off any evil spirit and bad luck instead of fireworks and bang and pots and pans I’m gonna use this glitter liner as a symbolic gesture just place a little around your inner corners to add a fun accent lighting up your eyes now for those lips in Chinese culture red is a symbol of happiness and good fortune so for this look I’m gonna rock a matte red lip okay so this lip liner has an ankle tip it’s actually pretty useful because I can create any shape and line with ease if you want a bold look over try a little over your Cupid’s bow and make the lines angled very carefully fill your lips in focusing around the edges and now it’s time to top it off with a red matte lipstick so fill in your lips I’m get it if you have a dark plum lipstick or eye shadow softly build around the corners of your mouth notice how this creates depth giving it a darker touch blend the color with a brush and then reapply the dark plum if you want to increase the intensity and once you are happy with the depth reapply the red lip color to top off the look for extra credit use a flesh tone pencil and sharpen the edges for a flawless look mmm we’re not done yet you want to smell as good as you look so dab a bit of your favorite fragrance or essential oil on your wrist and gently press them together for a lasting effect I want to know a trick that will drive that someone special crazy apply a little behind your ears and along the sides of her neck mm-hmm for your hair try a volumizing oil spray working towards the end and just finger comb through your hair to distribute the product evenly finished yay the year of the goat or sheep is all about being thankful for the things in your life and staying positive about where you’ll go in the future so are you ready to ring in the Lunar New Year with a fresh start I know I am thank you I love you and good luck [Music]

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  3. Wow was this for 2016 new year? She couldn't be more right when she explained the year of the goat/sheep and how much we needed that.

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